You have to be kidding me!

So, I came from Arizona without a banjo on my knee.  I am watching people get sick and die because of Hurricane Sandy.  Cold, constant and penetrating is turning mighty men of labor here in Staten Island into sickly cold and frustrated individuals who have lost hope.  I traveled the Island when I got here, slept in my truck for a month, not taking invitations to be warm and well fed.  I am not happy that I am finding that the government has abandoned the people on the beaches of the East Coast.

The rich sold the plots to themselves and to the others, the poor followed.  Of course, living on the shore of the North East United States is dangerous, but when they could have stopped it, they used it to make money.  When they could have required a sea wall or upgrades and helped people move, they didn’t.  They simply took the taxes and the money from the poor and ran. 

Then, God, in his anger, smited those who laughed at him and ignored him and threw him out of their schools and lives.  I know you don’t like that part.  It is easier to imagine a great fuzzy God that is always soft and kind.  I don’t know that one.  35 years in mission work have introduced me to a Father that knows what he is doing, that doesn’t share what he is doing and asks for obedience.

I laugh as I see people charge God in prayer and shout at him commanding him to do things.  Grace keeps them alive.  He is my daddy, but talking loud to him is certainly not necessary and demanding he do what he asked me to pray for seems ridiculous.

So, an October hurricane Sandy means, punch after punch after kick in the hearts and minds of those on the beach.  Listen, I heard a local church pastor say, “Give them the wet ones, they can dry them out, save the dry ones for an emergency.”  My God, please help the pastor understand that this is an emergency.  Sending wet blankets to cold and hungry people in the name of a loving and kind God?  Please…

I know you don’t care.  God knows you don’t care.  Pray?  Sure.  Shout and sing and dance?  Certainly.  Bark like a dog and slobber like some insane man, that’s all easy but God knows how well you care.  He looks at your check book and your credit card and sees ….  Aahhhh, you bought electronics, shoes, food, movies, ….. stop.

And whatever you have done for the least of these … whatever you have done for the hungry, thirsty, lonely, naked, sick and imprisoned, …  then he said, “Go to hell.”

If that doesn’t scare you, don’t worry, when you face the father, daddy, the loving kind and sole savior of the world will send you to hell because that is where you will be comfortable.

You sing, dance, hold conferences and do what you gotta do.  The Bible sez, deny yourself.  Don’t know what you don’t understand about deny yourself, look it up.  Deny self and help others.!/disaster/hurricane-sandy