Wrong again….

.As with any cult, there is always one more twist or turn.  You will be invited to follow them through prayers and remember if it doesn’t work, it is obvious that first, you are the problem and second, these things take time.

Leaving the Biblical teachings about the new birth, you must be born again and again and again, delivered again and again and again.

I am currently in a ministry position where one partner is a funky chicken kind of tongues speaking and believing person and a rather sane Christian that is rational.  The funky chicken cannot just talk.  They must make a simple sentence into a “Praise the Lord, Hallaluja amen,” repeated frequently between a good and morning.

Clearly there are problems but when presented to a ministry crew from Henry W. Wright, one partner was informed that if they did not do the funky chicken kind of tongues speaking, they would never hear from God.  How’s that?  Say what?  If you don’t his like a snake, bark like a dog and claim to be a little God, God can’t use you and you can never understand someone who does.

First, you have to read the book.  If you have questions,, it is because you are not in tune with the spirit of God.  Huh?  Then on the one hand he says doctors are nuts and don’t know but if you read the doctor’s books, you will see that Wright is right and not wrong?  Huh?  Then, there are many “Miracles that are not at all verifiable and if you try to verify them, call, write or visit the ‘doctors’ of the Miracles, you are in doubt.”  God can’t work when you are in doubt.

It is like an onion.  First this book and that seminar, then another and another till Henry has paid the bills on his multi-milliondollar lifestyle.  My brothers and sisters around the world are starving and the poor man can’t pay for his platial house and complex.  Sorry?

Deep cries out unto deep?  The more you spend,, the further you get and if you attend, you can become a dispenser of this secretive and informative but necessary for life drought of heaven.  Huh?

One of the partners is clearly out of the will of God.  There is no unity and there is no agreement in the family but the funky chicken wins the day.  Why, if we all did the funky chicken, flopped around on the floor and made noises like an animal, how much better a world this would be.  Say what?

Please, there are people dying and even the musicians and demon possessed know enough to have “Band Aid” and parties to send food.  My goodness, I am faced with trying to feed the poor and they are doing their best to convince me that denying myself, living a life of austerity so i can send more to the poor is just… wrong, Wright?

If you do not want to follow Jesus, please do not have someone who is unwilling to lay down their life for their brother, build an edifice and call the people unto him.  Just tell the poor they are sinners and demon possessed.  Why everyone knows that real Christians live a life of luxury,, attend meetings about how to cast demons out of each other, after a good meal and another Wright book, Right?  Wrong.

America is and will be judged.  Please, please, please know that every religion has one basic principle that comes from the heart and soul.  God put it in our very fiber and being.  Help those less fortunate and the poor.  Feed the widows and orphans and help those fleeing war and persecution.

Wright?  Wrong dude.  The funky chicken doesn’t make a better cop, soldier or fireman.  Try that stuff in the real world and they will have you committed.

And yeah, by the way, the people we follow in the Bible died, that’s right, died for their beliefs.  Please, someone pinch them.

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