Wowee. TED talks are changing my life.

Ok, so I have a lot to learn.  I stuck my head into and blew my mind.  Right now I am studying things I have never thought of before because no one told me to look at what I did not know.

What do I know?  I am not sure because I am listening to the smartest people in the world say they don’t know what is around the corner, just that it is amazing.  So, my Christian Ethics, study and understanding are getting stretched.

Study Hebrew, Greek, Arabic, Latin and, of course, Chinese.  I am going back to high school because I have forgotten so much.  Math, and quantum physics along with psychology and aaahhhhh, MIT, Harvard, Berkly, my head.  Watch me not sleep.  Watch me go crazy.  It is like living in the Library of Congress but they talk to me and I don’t have to read.  Then, if the stuff is in a different language, Gotcha, the internet programs translate it and, my head.  My head is growing to the point that even those things that I know, I have known, I am sure of, are all in question.

New teachings about old Hebrew and Greek translations.  New findings and then there are genomes.  Waaaaa, my daughter is studying College and we are working together as partners.  Whoa…. TED talks, on line courses from the best schools in the world and then, there are kids who are in 5th grade studying quantum physics?

So, if you are reading this, stop.  Go to and listen to smarter people than me who are not sure of so many things that they are changing, creating, establishing new names faster than dictionaries can publish them.

Bless you.  If you are reading this, you must be either incredibly bored or waitiing for my head to blow up.


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