“wounded charismatic” – Google Search

“wounded charismatic” – Google Search.

um… lemeee see.  I go into a village in the mountains.  A girl is bit by a snake.  They catch the snake, pop its head off and drink the bile.  They say that in this way the venom will not kill the girl and the rest of the tribe will not be effected by the spirits.

Sometimes she dies, sometimes not but you see, I am there to tell them about Jesus.  He came, sacrificed himself and died once and for all for our sins.  If you don’t believe that, it neither changes my mission or Jesus.  It is there and if you want to wright or copeland or do the funky chicken and feel better, whatever, that is fine.  I believe that when Jesus comes back, he will hold us accountable for what we did with so great a salvation.

You wear a cross, or read “that” version of the Bible.  You sing 7/11 songs, seven songs 11 times each;  Fine.  You wear your shirt backwards or have tatoos or whatever.  A policeman is a policeman because he does policeman things.  A fireman is judged by his service and work, but Most Western Christians try to go to another conference and be better.  Better at what?

When it is you or your children, do you call for help when you are in need?  And if they tell you something and you feel better, don’t you want to be healed?  Healed for what?

bbb’s  Bodies, Bricks and Bucks people are those that make a living off Christ.  They will entice you to attend seminars to feel good.  Drink snake pee, if you want.  Do the funky chicken and babble while making noises if you choose.  Consume endless hours in study but please, the world is dying.

When your family or children or friends need help, you will not get it from the existentialists.  you will get it from soldiers who work with their hands and hearts to do something.

I do not serve God because it feels good, often it doesn’t.  I serve God because Jesus died for me.  What less could I do for Him.  And by the way, if you need Mary to get to heaven, that is fine with me too, just grab that sack of wawa mum and lets feed the starving kids.

By the way, lets not argue about this, lets do this thing called Christian.  The reason they got their name is cuz they did weird things, like loving their enemies and doing good to others.

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