world prayer

Maybe your prayers are not answered because Jesus said he would give to you based on your giving.  Give and it will be given pray and you will be answered.  Lift your eyes for the world harvest.

Religious freedom is hitting a new low in Uzbekistan. According to Forum 18 News, police raided one children’s camp and are trying to take the property of another–ironically called Camp Joy. Joel Griffith of Slavic Gospel Association says, “The state does not want to buy the land back…. Instead, they want to confiscate it. The intention then is to turn around and sell the land to somebody else.” Under Uzbek law, actions like this have to be done at the time of purchase. SGA-supported churches bought the Camp Joy property thirteen years ago. “Once this court hearing gets held on August 15, we’ll have a clearer idea of where things stand.” While Uzbekistan’s constitution guarantees religious freedom, Griffith says it’s basically non-existent in everyday life. Ask the Lord to protect Gospel workers. Pray also for justice in tomorrow’s court hearing. “Pray that the Lord would move in the hearts of the authorities to change the situation on the ground in Uzbekistan.”