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“Wounded charismatic” – Google Search.

I plant churches.  I am non-denominational.  I find people that want to know about Christ and then I let them have the Bible, start to study and go their way.  Some of them become “funky chicken churches.”  They prefer to be very up front and encourage each other to act more and more “Spirit Filled.”  Some study and try to find out what Jesus said to do.  I am certainly not into cookie cutter Christians.  I think it strange that a father would want duplicates of himself and I believe that God intended us to be like the flowers of the field, different but connected.

I pray, I travel, I encourage people to form groups where they are accountable to each other, but there is nothing more sad and painful than a “Wounded Charismatic.”  You see, pastors and churches ply much psychology, hypnotism and influence on people to be a part of their bbb lifestyles.  bbb, Bodies, Bricks and Bucks.   That is how pastors are measured in the Western Church.  Tare creators of “The Greatest Show on Earth.”  Millions and billions of dollars go into buildings to fit bodies and get bucks.  The constant training and re-training of individuals with psychic induced programs that offer final salvation and relief from the pains and troubles of this life but there is a trench, a rent in the souls of man that does not allow the church to follow the path of Jesus, to turn his back on the bbb’s and walk the streets.

Remember how Jesus got the disciples to gather information on the people he fed and cared for.  He appointed ministry partners to count bodies, take their names and get their addresses so he could “Follow-up” on them and sell them more and more truths.  Remember how he insisted on the best clothes and housing facilities while constantly reminding people how much a struggle it was to get to heave and how they would need to constantly return to the disciples (with full pockets) and get deeper truths, leaving (with empty pockets) in order to build his bbb ministry.

Jesus spoke in parables but he expected us to stand and tell mountains jump in the ocean.  He expected us to rule the world and follow his example and become politically motivated, build the biggest church in the world and condemn the poor for not being spiritual like him.  Not!

Charismatics are told that their prayers change the world and that they can and should ask God for whatever they want, but are not reminded that the basis of Christianity is giving, not getting.   This is where the broken and spiritually raped charismatic Christian comes in.  They pray for miracles out of the will of God and when they don’t get them, they need a better understanding, a better way to get God to do what they want.  It is, of course, the hidden agenda of a Christian, to get what they want.  They are taught that God is really a candy store and if they are good, they can get it all.  Satan goes out of his way to provide examples for us, you know.  The bbb boys and girls certainly do not want to hear about or teach self-denial, service and sacrifice.  My God, only a fool like Christ would leave the comfort of heaven to come and die for us.  Only an idiot like Jesus would then turn and tell people to sell everything and give it to the poor.  Only some pathetic senseless man like Jesus would call God his father and then turn himself in to be tortured, beaten beyond recognition and die.  Then, those that met him, his friends, turned stupid and did likewise.  Can’t sell people much Jesus Junk from Jail.

Recently, a friend, married to a funky chicken kind of charismatic; you know, the wailing and crying, growling, barking and out of control charismatic that you cannot pray with for fear of being knocked to the ground, type; found that he was out of the will of God.  Yep, because he would not flail his arms and out shout his neighbors at church, Not frothing at the mouth blabbering without intelligence, was told that he was out of the will of God and that in order to understand the ceaseless spending of his wife; needed to be “Baptized,” afresh in the Holy Spirit, followed by a ceaseless ejaculation of disconnected religious words and sayings.

So, they told him that if he was not a “Spirit filled” funky chicken, with all the signs of the demon possessed boy; groveling, growling and spitting on himself, he could not be used of God, (massive explicative following each statement).  One of them came to me and I stopped him.  I simply told him that if he had a word from God, I welcomed it but his dancing, prancing and blabbering were not necessary.  I recorded the conversation and edited it, cutting out the, um, Jesus junk (small j).   Unfortunately, there was no substance but the man sure put on a show.  His wife was doing a very good funky chicken and nearly knocked him out. 

Sadly, Jesus would never get along should He return today.  The quiet and order he instilled by making the 4,000 and then 5,000, sit in order and then, making sure there was no waste, ordered the disciples to clean up.  Jesus spoke to the funky chickens of his day and commanded them to be quiet.  Paul spoke of meeting and putting things in order and talked about those that had deeper things crying out to deep. 

My friend, not a funky chicken, does miracles.  The funky chickens do not know what to do.  They want the miracles he performs so they can bbb but since he, and Leonard Ravenhill and others, do not do the funky chicken, they bring division.  Funny how funky chickens hole up with themselves.  Ever do any research on who donates money to the poor?  Who runs the soup kitchens and clothing stores?  Who actually does something for Christ?  Interesting, I assure you.

So, this rant is about love, acceptance and forgiveness, especially for funky chicken wounded charismatics.  They need someone to come along and give them a hug when God gives them persecution and blesses them with trials and tribulations.

I am going to give people Jesus.  Some of them will turn their shirts backwards and disobey the 10 commandments.  Some of them are drunks, homosexuals, perverts and just all around bad guys.  However, Jesus can and will make them whole, if they want.  Sadly, some of them will hide it till they are bbb’s and then get caught.  Repentance does not mean garbage bags over our head to hide who we are, but honesty and openness, explaining to people that we are ambassadors.  So read what I have to say, but I am not the authorative source for anything.

Stupid Jesus, who came from perfection to live in our bucket of poo, denying himself and wanting, asking and finally dying for us, is my leader.  He does answer prayer, thank God, but often scrunches me into a really small ball in a very bad place first.

Thankfully, there are many who help Jesus.  They teach that it is not enough to have Jesus, you have to go to Wright, or Copeland or maybe even you, to get the whole story.  I think that if a person were to sit amongst the poor and dying and then read the Bible, it makes a whole lot more sense and unfortunately people often forget the Bible and doctrinal questions and hug babies to death.  I have.  I get so mad at God, like Job, I rant and rave and then God tells me to shut up and go back to work.  God is good, why do we have to kill each other and consume endless amounts of food making sure we condemn those who have more than us, but certainly not denying ourselves.


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