Why do we insist on the best?

I was walking down the sidewalk.  Christians, dressed in their finest were on their way to church.  I talked with them and they were all talking about the greatest teachers and the end times.  They were happy, wealthy and comfortable.  They were talking about how to be happier, wealthier, and more comfortable.  They spoke of this conference and that conference and the benifits of working for God.

Then I looked down and saw the faces.  People crying, children starving, death and destruction.  The people were walking on the poor of the world because they wanted 5.00 shirts and McDonald’s with fresh vegetables, all year around.  They wanted fruit every day and that required the wholesale slavery of the world.  People were not allowed to grow food and live, they had to become part of the food chain so the rich could talk about God in large air conditioned churches.

I fell to my knees crying and people began kicking me and pushing me to get me out of the way.  I was not part of their mindless wandering to churches that ignored the poor of the world and focused on a more excellent way and conferences where people spent millions to bring entertainment to the crowd, dressed like kings and living a life that depends on donations.  Donations to God?  Why did God, Jesus, leave the church of his day and go to the streets?  Why did his family try to get him back in the box.  Why did they kill him?

I helped people.  Some of them stood up and I prayed that they not get “Saved,” that they not learn to ignore the pain and suffering.  Sometimes God wins but other times knowledge helps us forget God.  Forget that we are part of a body and the body should take care of the body and not abuse some to let others become happy, wealthy and comfortable.

Then I woke up crying.  Deny yourself?  I get notes from people saying how blessed they are.  They have houses that are mansions.  Things that are amazing and people buy from folks who kill people to get them to work cheaper and faster and provide the wealthy (the poorest American is wealthy beyond belief for the average person in the world) with happiness, wealth and comfort.

I have a list of people that need help.  13.00?  2.00?  And I promise, no fancy buildings or lascivious churches.  Maybe Jesus meant it when He told us we would be judged on what we gave, not what we got, Matthew 25:31-46.  Maybe He meant it when He told us to deny ourselves.


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