Whoa, Jezabel

Need your prayers.

Right now I am working with a family and the lady of the house has a Jezebel spirit.  Thee are several sites that describe this kind of anointing but I am not strong enough to deal with it.

http://www.propheciesofrevelation.org/jezebel8.php  This site pretty well describes her activities and unfortunately, her husband cannot be the man of the house without much violence.  Separately, he is a champion of grace and wisdom but with her around, it is constant warfare and she begins screeching, like wayward chalk on a blackboard.  I am not ashamed to tell you that it weakens me to death to listen to her talk about God.  War, arrest, prison, torture and pain are nothing compared to listening to this.  In the Bible Elijah quit, told God to take him home, rather than deal with this woman.  Seriously.  I would rather be beaten than listen to a religious spirit in a Jezebel.

http://www.rgcministries.com/biblestudies/files/jezebel/JS10.htm  This helps as well, but my, my, I need your prayers.

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