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Who Gives Two Cents for Missions? We Do, to Our Shame

Of every dollar given to a U.S. Protestant church, the average amount that goes to overseas missions is two cents. In 1920 the church gave 10 percent of the total offering to missions, compared to today’s 2 percent. The church’s current spending practice seems to indicate an increased emphasis on internal operations and programs over the broader mission of the church. In addition, individual Christians do not even tithe, giving less per capita than Christians gave during the Great Depression. It is to our shame that we are so stingy with our money toward God.

People in every religion say they love their religion.  However, the proof seems to be evident.  The widow with the two mites wins again.  She gave everything.  We give … 2 cents on the dollar and then, that is only the larger church organizations.  Many give nothing and some give millions.  Rick is a friend that gave over a million bucks to missions over 10 years.

Bless me, bless me Lord, I have a need…  I remember the days in the mission field when I saw believers stepping over beggars to go to church.  One day, I took the family and missionaries to a nice large church.  Sure enough, after stepping over the poor street people, I told the team to stop and empty their pockets.  We bought food, rice and boiled eggs.  We handed them out till we fed everyone in front of the church.  Then we went inside with some of the kids and took them to Sunday School.  Some of the adults went with us.  Of course, they stank and were not welcomed.  Still, we missed the worship, caused a bit of a stir and listened to the preacher through translations, talk about the love of God.

Then, we finished, collected up the folks and one of the missionaries went to get some change.  We fed them and took some home to get baths and clothes.  Being approached by the church people we were informed that we were not sensitive, we were not kind and we were divisive and we did not go back, to that church.

Best church I ever attended was one that had the folks fill out cards, and one of the blanks said, “What do you need?”  We watched as folks, after the service were “button holed” and taken for food or clothes or ….  We were traveling so we could not see it all but because we were missionaries, they gave each of us 100.00 USD.  Wow, huh?

If Jesus were to come into the church, would someone ask Him what He needed?  Would He be shiny new and drive a big car or walk, well traveled, into the church?

What is Jesus, Christianity all about?  I ask that as I travel and get the strangest answers.

What is Islam, Buddhism, Niche-ran Sho Shu, all about?  What are you about?  Jesus family pointed a finger at Him and told him he cared more about the lost, the beggars, whores and street people than He did about them.  They took thought to have him locked up.  Sadly that has happened to me too.

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