When we hurt, we cry out for help. When we have, we plug our ears.

When you are in need, you pray that others will give. When you have excess, you pray the poor will go away and leave you alone. People are strange because the folks who find themselves in trouble, look for those that can help them out of their pain and insist on the least amount of sacrifice and payment. We are and will always remain poor. When we have, we rub elbows that have more, not less. Love is a choice and love requires us to look for those that are in need and then meet those needs.

I find it amusing to sit with those in need and read the Bible. People often see Jesus and Christianity as a way to encourage others to give and it is rare if it happens at all when those who have, read the same book, attend the same church and end up giving.

Perhaps we should go through our lives and ask God what is important, while inviting in the Lazarus at our gate. We often lament that they, them, have too much and should give but will not invi…See More
The world could use a good kick in the pants. – Girl Effect

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