What if….

What would happen if Christians who could live in luxury chose to live in poverty so those that were forced to live in poverty could live better. Jesus left his business and life and joined those sleeping on the streets. He ministered to the poor and when his family came after him to lock him up for being nuts, he referred to his mother as “woman,” a derogatory term, and disowned his family publicly. What would happen if we who can, didn’t go to the movies or big fancy churches, but lived like those in prison or who were poor. What if we, who can, denied ourselves, lived like the poor and then helped the starving and poor so they could live a bit better. Hrmmmm. Instead of building nice new houses where our animals are comfortable, lets live closer to poverty and give the poor (Matthew 25:31-46) Life and more abundant than that. Churches are closing because folks can’t pay the enormous bills to keep them open. sigh….
Deny yourself? Not in America.

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