What good is all this killing?

What good is it to be the best? Marine, soldier, salesman, chef; when it is over and everything is said and done, we will meet our maker and explain what it is we spent our time on. All of those that we shunned because we were busy doing something. The endless hours building our bodies so we could run, jump and shoot with great accuracy and then, it is over. We really should look at what it iswe are doing. I live in a country where bad is good and killers are rewarded. Today, when someone in America does not like someone, over there or over here, we just blow them up with remote control missiles. Other nations blow people up with suicide bombers but the fact is that we blow each other up for ….

My Muslim friends all know someone who knows someone who knows a suicide bomber and we all know someone who was “in the war.” And the end is coming. It is right around the corner. My Christian friends want revenge for the acts that are perpetrated against their family, friends, cities and nations. My Muslim friends want the same. When will it end?

When will the need of the least of these be important to us?

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