What do you want?

What is it that you really want?

My friends are rich, my friends are poor.  Today, my friends from the fields came to use the bathroom in the showroom that I am living in.  It is cold outside.  There is snow in the mountains of Sierra Vista and I watch as more and more good people, move into the empty field.  No jobs, no hope, no…  The song, “King of the road,” was Romantic but ridiculous.  Utah Phillips, protest singers, Occupy everything people, but still, those without, love.  Sigh….

I do not know where God has you.  I do not know what you need, but I run into so many that build kingdoms here on earth and then, when the tempest comes and they find themselves with nothing, cry out to God and say “why?”

Divine health, divine wealth, horrible happiness at the expense of the poor.  Church builds for billions while the children sit and wait.  They wait for wawa mum and it doesn’t come.  They want some food and can’t find it.

This picture was sent me by a Palestinian Christian.  No comment was necessary.  A pastor built a huge church here and contracted cancer of the tongue.  I thought it was fitting.  I don’t know why I am allowed to continue.  What more could I do?

Today, in the USA, the lines at the restaurants will be long and full of happy people who can eat when they want, what they want and the picture might be of them, vs the poor.  My friend that sent the picture lives in Rome.  The capital of decadence for the Roman Catholic Church.  My the money that was spent to get tourists to come and see how we should worship God.  And yet, the child is waiting.

The milling around of the cold and hungry street people, waiting for God to do something when God told us to do something is frightening.  How long will this keep going on?

Ina ja ?afar wando da ya?i da Shai?an.  I am fighting a war with the devil.  What will it take for you to care for someone that is hungry and needy?  When God puts me in the picture, what will the child on the right see?  “Deny yourself …”  A concept so simple but never applied when we should.

There must be more that I can do.


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