Waiting for God or dying becaus God’s people won’t move.

There is a war going on. When my daughter had peritonitis, we asked for help. Some were ready. Others were busy singing, dancing and building buildings. Each time we start a project, I wonder if the funds we spend are at the expense of someone dying. It is unfortunate to be in a position where my daily bread is excessive while others around have nothing to eat.

Working with banks is so difficult. The fees to send money are often as high as going there ourselves.


We are finding that there is a network of people who fund themselves helping others. So often the fees for running ministries are so high that less than 20 cents of a dollar donated makes it to the right place and then it is often consumed by those there to help the poor. God help us. The world is dying and starving and we sing and dance and ignore the rest of the world.

If it were my daughter dying of a busted gut, I would not be so easy to say, “God’s mercy will care for the dying and starving,” especially when He gave us the power and authority to do something.

I am overwhelmed by yawns and inactivity. It is as if people really believe they will not be called to account for what they are doing.

God help us because if we wait on the church I see, nothing will happen.

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