They said what?

Three high school students shot their mouths off and told the world what they think.  They are now in hiding.  They thought talking about people and telling people what they think was “cool.”  They have received threats from militant people around the world, offering to end their lives and they cannot go back to school because, the spoke their minds.

Another woman was fined because she wore a shirt that said her ex wife was an ass, then published it on facebook because she thought it was funny.  The judge did not and she is now required to pay her husband damages for giving only one side of their story.

And, when we stand before God and he plays our lives for everyone to see, thoughts, words and deeds, what will anyone have to say?

Help me help others.  I am not insanely wealthy, I am just privileged to be born where I could have done much and did not.  I wasted my life and made a mess of things because I was not taught to think.

So, wherever you are, lets stop and think.  If being rich were the goal, 99.9 percent of the world are losers.  Can’t be the goal for all of us.  Doing good, that looks like the option that is open to everyone.  So, help me do good.  I don’t want to be rich.  Nuh huh.  Help me help people.

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