They are poor so….

What is the plan?

It is really quite simple. We talk to the poor about learning to feed and clothe themselves. If they live in a big city, we teach them flower gardens and roof top gardens, but wait… Can the world feed itself?

People talk about the evils of GMO. Yet, as we compartmentalize and crowd ourselves into hamster cages where we all live together and grow / produce nothing, seeking things as an answer to our boredom and excess energy, aren’t we killing ourselves?

Soylent Green, the movie. Recycling humanity into food. Throughout history when people have run out of food in the presence of the weak, elderly, or dying, cannibalism has taken place. We are now discussing the possibility of the Government of the USA recycling people without our knowledge. There are so many things they just do, without telling us nowadays.

A dear friend, Hong Ly, a Cambodian, told me stories or horror about living through the Pol Pot regime. The murder of so many and the destruction of entire tribes. Thousands upon thousands left to rot and then have their bones gathered. The pain and suffering, the inhumanity. What is coming? Who knows.

What would you do if faced with long term violent starvation? I don’t know. Perhaps some planning would be good. Perhaps we should plan to be without so we can survive if we are?


Teaching people to depend on themselves is a really, really good thing to do.

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