There is a man with a gun


In every religion, nation, ethnic group there is tolerance, save Islam, whose stated goal is to rule the world, nothing less. What can we do about that?  When Muslims are willing to blow up Muslims to get Sharia Law, then how can we live and work together.  To ask me to live under extreme religious practices like circumcision, mutilation, dominance and abuse, be it Hindu or Arabic or Christian, it is hard to believe that it is what God is asking us to do.

There is a man over there.  He tells me to take an injection of something that is going to save my life.  No thanks.

There is a man over there who tells me that I must leave my house and land and go to a place where I am safe.  I have seen many UN camps where they have starved people to death, confined people behind barbed wire and surrounded them with guns, for their safety.  No thanks.

There is a man with a book, a Qur’an or a Bible or some scrolls from some religion and they tell me that if I do not do this, confess that and tell people I believe what they are saying, I must die.  Ok, make it quick.

They say there are bad guys out there so to fly in an airplane I must take my clothes off while they look up my backside so they can protect me.  I will take a boat or drive or walk.

They say there are really, really bad people out there so the Constitution of the United States is not necessary.  Um… They say that the police do not need to explain anything and I must obey or be locked up (or die).  Dying is good, life is short.

They own me.  I am licensed because I was born.  I am licensed to drive.  I am licensed to travel, bank and though the edges of my life are becoming more and more crowded, the fences closing in, the rules more stifling, I might let them gather me and my family, send me to a FEMA camp where it is determined that I am not worth keeping alive and after a few years of incarceration, turn me into food for those who can pay their way out.  Soylent Green?

Door One, life as a lab rat.

Door Two, life as a lab rat incarcerated.

Door Three, go off the grid and live in a place where they won’t come.

Door Four… it is a good day to die.  Geronimo gave in and died in poverty and filth.  I think it is a good day to die.

You shudder and say, “What is he thinking?”  I am thinking, when the US Government gave me a gun and then surrounded me with people that wanted me dead, left me to die without support and only by the grace of God did I make it through, I decided that it is not so good believing in war and Government lies.

Why is it so strange that at 16, I was a soldier fighting for things no one told me about, that I now believe there are things that are more important than Governments telling me what to think?

Ummm … I am a Christian.  I will die for what I really believe, but I will not kill you because you don’t believe in what I believe.  I will not torture you or circumcise your children for a vague idea that leads me to believe it might please God.


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