The story of the widow’s mite

I was reminded how much they spend on missions, their television crews and how much it costs them to make, broadcast and present their point of view.

Phew, arguing with people who think that God made the world for them so they can be hapy, healthy and wealthy is a lot of work.  Why, look, they gave 3.3 million dollars for famine relief.  Sadly, the missionaries on the ground who gave it out, died for their efforts but hey.

There is a man I know, he is my idol.  He is a millionaire.  When we were in school, at a campus, he was told by God to go to work and I was told by God to go to the field.  He supported me for …. 30 years?  yeah, something like that.  He buys his clothes second hand and lives a life where, if it doesn’t make profit, he doesn’t do it.  And, he has given more than a million dollars to missions (some to me and my family, and I thank God for that)

Jesus, upon presentation with the gift of the wealthy, gave us the story of the widow’s mite.  See, it ain’t 10% God wants, it is everything.  God said (Jesus is God) that the woman who gave all she had was the example.  Watch this, if I go on TV and tell everyone they need to give my money for the poor, and then don’t fully disclose what I do and how much I make, why, I can buy my own plane and write my name on the side with big letters and impress you, the giver of your widows mite, to no end.

They say that the robe the Pope wears, the Gold one, is priceless.  Why would someone keep a priceless object in the face of a starving world?  I watch ministries and am amazed at the cost of the “stuff” they use in the face of massive unemployment and starvation.  I look in the mirror and read about the saducees and pharasees and wonder who I am robbing when I live a life of luxury.

I suppose I am boring you to death.

Time to move.

What would happen if people, all of a sudden, without BandAid or endless promotions were to just decide to bless their neighbors?  Traffic jams where people are getting to places where they are helping those who have less.

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