The story of Ruth, Matthew continued.



This is your story.  God has put you in our path.  God does these things.  David was a boy who attended sheep for his step-daddy.  He was born of a concubine, that is a personal prostitute who can be sent away, different than a wife and different than a prostitute, however, David was illegitimate.  God Chose David to be king.  No one is sure why but some think that it is because Israel was a disobedient tribe of God’s people and that was the best God could do.

I am a professional missionary and I write stories like yours all the time.  I pray and ask God what the story should be and this one is yours.  It does not mean that things will happen this way but a story is still necessary to focus on your future.  Moms and Dads always have dreams.  Grandpas and Grandmas do too.

I have been sent to help Susan Servin help you.  My daughter Marcely wants to be a part too.  You saw their videos.

So, here is the story of Ruth, the little girl from Uganda.

One day, no one knows why, God said to Satan, see that little girl? And God pointed to you.  God said to Satan, watch this.

God put your picture in front of Susan Servin and she said, “Oh, how beautiful that family is, will you (bobby) tell me about them?”  So I did.  Then I bothered Denis and he told me more and now, I am going to jump right in the middle of your life and the life of your family, tribe, village and country.

I told Denis that we cannot work with you without a group of elders and he introduced us to Eva in Kiboga.

Now we are working on communication.  I understand there is a school.  Eva has a business as a professional secretary.  I do that kind of work as well.  I am talking to Susan and Marcely and we are going to raise support to get communications.  Eva will have an office and from that office, she will help the school and …. You!

I would like you to work for Eva.  You will have to dress differently and learn about things from her.  Eva will teach you spelling, reading, writing and business because you will become her right hand.  I don’t like schools much because it is hard for a teacher to teach students how to do things.  It is easy to learn some things but business requires a teacher and jobs are schools, the very best kind.  I always have someone with me that needs to learn and that is what God calls discipleship.

Now, when someone asked God (Jesus) what is the most important thing, God said that it was to love God and to love our neighbor.  You are our neighbor.  Unfortunately, we often get caught up into religion.  We build very fancy buildings and buy very fancy clothes and one of the things I would like is for you to read and understand and maybe memorize Matthew, a book in the Bible, Chapters 5, 6, and 7, and try to stay away from buying someone somewhere another robe or building some building to worship God.  Don’t become involved in statues and things that detract you from helping others.  Matthew 25: 31-46 tells us that God is watching and will ask you if you found another Ruth or Rudy or someone to help.

So, this is where we are now.  Susan wants to be your grandmother and maybe even adopt you.  We will see.  Governments are big problems about things like this.  Marcely, my daughter, wants to be your sister and I want to see everyone happy.  It doesn’t always happen.  Sometimes God gives us lots of good things and then sends armies and storms and trouble.  God is the boss.  He is in control and He does not ask me what I think or for permission to hurt people or do things that do not seem nice.  So I will put my trust in God and we will go from there.

I would like Eva to pick you up, take you to work and then return you to your house.  Little by little, you will learn and perhaps (no promises, God doesn’t like that) we can provide you with some animals as well as technology to help you help your family, tribe, village and province and maybe, when you are the governor of your province, we can talk about you becoming the president of Uganda.  Things like this really do happen.

I know you are going to make a million mistakes.  Perhaps you will even hurt people really bad.  Sometimes things happen we hate.  Paul, the apostle said so in the book of the Bible called Romans.  Reading that chapter and those words from Paul helps everyone.  Go to chapter 7 and see that even Paul, a great man of God, did things that were not good.  However, do not ever quit.  Some people say you need a priest or a pastor but in the book of 1 John, Chapter 1, verse 9, it tells you to just talk to God.  Talk to God a lot.  God will speak directly to your heart and if you become religious, maybe God doesn’t like that.

So, live at home, go to work with Eva, learn and bring good things home.  There will be times when you have to go places, but always remember that God put you in your home so take care of your brothers and sister, mum and daddy and family, tribe, village and province.  When you become governor, we will find support so you can run for president.  We have time.  Maybe.

We have sent you a video.  Get excited.  God likes excited but obedient people.  Print this letter and keep it close to your heart.  Know that out of 7 billion people, God spoke to Susan and Marcely and I that you are important and will lead your nation.

Watch the Watoto videos and know that God does these things.  Please clean very well and keep your health strong.  Help everyone and know that God is blessing you so you can bless others.  This is God’s way of changing the world, one person at a time.

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