The problem is, everyone is right.

The man who was healed by Jesus, beating up the man who was healed by Jesus because one said that without spit and mud, it won’t work and the other insisted that it was only by prayer.

And the little girl is sitting in the dust in Uganda, a refugee orphan who has nothing, crying out to God for help.  Like an old three stooges movie, we sit and argue about which clothes to wear and what to say, how to say it and the kid just wants something to drink and eat.

My friend has goals.  Good honest goals.  Job, house, car, family and the economic downturn has left him with nothing.  A sick and dying mother and nothing.  At least that is what he sees.  He has a computer, the internet and is not starving.  I need him to write prisoners in jail and go around gathering spare change to send to the girl sitting in the dust, crying for something to drink.

I held a conference.  It is not hard to do.  Gather people together and ask them what they need.  One needed that and another had two.  Another and another presented prayer requests and God began to move, to bless others because that is what God does, that is, when he is not preparing us for something.  Sometimes God makes our lives awfully hard you know.  Something about discipline and justice.

I am not going to put tremendous effort to build paperwork so I can teach in a real school.  I am going back to the street and try to keep the muddies from killing the un-muddies while the little girl starves.  Some of my friends dress in regal gowns with their white collars shining in black lights under the podium.  Some wander in shirtsleeves and faded jeans.  God is still the same, no matter how we present ourselves.

Got a minute?  Maybe a buck or some spare change?  I can hear the child crying and she is in pain.  Maybe our problems are not so bad that we cannot do something.  Maybe you got a minute to do something?  Before you commit suicide because you don’t have or can’t pay for your house with two cars in the garage and cats and dogs, maybe you could pray for the girl?

New born baby gets 150,000.00 operation to implant a pacemaker.  The little girl needs wawa mum and a glass of water.  Sigh….

Making the Bible Impossible.. 

An occupation that is practiced by most everyone, making God and the Bible Impossible, is practiced by every religion.  Establishing facts that are not solid facts.  Gathering pieces of information from the Bible that prove you right in the eyes of God.

  Lets just do something.

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