The Muslim Brotherhood, the death of America

The FED, AIG, The Muslim Brotherhood and the corrosion of life, liberty and the right to own property, to be individuals is dead.

The Islam Brotherhood has stealthily found its way into governments of all nations.  To speak of Islam truthfully, exposing their desire to crush all people and subjugate them to Islam, has been hidden from view and made illegal to speak of.  Muslims are taught to lie to achieve their goals.  They are made heroes to their people for taking oaths of allegiance to other beliefs and democracy, knowing that when in power, they will force Islam down the throats of the world with or without permission.  They don’t need a sword when they secretly control AIG, the World Bank and the FED.

Don’t worry about a suicide bomber.  You will not know when that will happen.  They kill a few.  The Islamist politician with the hidden agenda of enslaving the world is the one we should be aware of.  The first black man who became president, joined with the Islamists and is enslaving the world.  Like starving dogs, we have been stripped of our right to produce food and care for ourselves.  We have been made to eat when the government rings the bell and we are taught to love and not bite the hand that feeds us though we are fed because we can no longer be free to care for ourselves.  We have been herded into mental cages where we are expected to say thanks for drugs that are forced on us, immunizations and injections we cannot refuse and freedom to practice one religion, that of Islam.

Soon, it will be over.  We have been put to each others throats and our handlers, sitting high and lifted up, laugh that we don’t even know we have been caged, fed and prepared for entertainment.


Jesus, the Son of God and God himself can set you free.  You may still be physically bound but they cannot control your mind.  Freedom is just another word for nothing left to loose and they took everything.  They will take more and more and as happened in so many nations, they will put us at each others throat and watch as war torn nation fights war torn nation.

It does not matter when Jesus returns.  Do the work He has called you to.  If you die for your faith at the hands of the murdering minions, do not become like them and take their lives in return.

Deny yourself.  Love your neighbor and know that life is short so today is important.

This is the first day of the rest of your life.  Do well to others even when they hate and spitefully abuse you.

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