The love of God in the face of hate.

Danjuma Byang
Merry Christmas, my country men and women. The spate of bombings across the north, targeting mainly Churches during this Christmas season, undoubtedly the most celebrated Christian festival, is surely meant to break the spirits of Christians and put fear into their hearts. But a wise man has said, “You cannot destroy a cause by destroying those who champion it”. If those who are masquerading behi…nd “Boko Haram” to terrorize Christians think that this is how they will destroy Christianity in Nigeria should please wake up from their slumber. This strategy to annihilate Christianity may have worked elsewhere. But not in Nigeria! Please readers hear this: Boko Haram and their sponsors will eventually be flushed out, but the gospel of Jesus Christ will continue to reign high in Nigeria till the King of kings, and the Lord of lords; Jesus Christ Himself comes back to take over the reign of governance.
No Christian’s heart should fail because of what we have seen and may still see in the near future. Be assured that those who use death, terror, hate and lies as weapons to spread their religion will be consumed by the same weapons they use. Why? Because Jesus summarized it by saying, “those who live by the sword shall perish by the sword”. Don’t be intimidated by the gains they have made by the pains they have inflicted. One day they will wake up and discover all is ashes in their hands!
Brothers and sisters, please don’t trade in the same currency they trade in. Let us love all Muslims anywhere we find them because that is what God will have us do. Jesus Christ died for them too. And only His love manifested even and especially in times like these will win many of them over. We must understand that many Muslims are trapped in a system they don’t comprehend, cannot defend or like and yet they find it hard or near impossible to escape. Only the love of Jesus will win them over. And this is where the challenge is. How can we love people we know are out to kill us? When the love of Christ fills our hearts. The natural heart is wicked. It takes only those who have truly been forgiven to know how to love and forgive the unlovable and the unforgivable.
We must not allow Boko Haram and their likes to force us into behaving like they are doing. Of course, there may be times we as Christians may have to kill or burn to preempt a threatening situation, but we must always know that love is our greatest weapon. Love will always win. Love may be tough but its dividends in time and especially in the hereafter are worth the effort. Let’s go for love. Can I hear an AMEN?

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