Can you imagine what it would have been like to be the friend of Joseph in the Bible?  The man who was beaten by his brothers and left to die?  The man who, it appears, at every turn, met with disaster.  I am certain that I would have judged him criminal in his intent.  I am certain I would have condemned him with his fellow workers, slowly shaking my head as he was taken to prison.  It is not hard to imagine the sickness and disease that people have who live in prisons.

God, in His infinite wisdom did not ask us to go.  He simply commanded us to do so.  I am blessed to attend a church where the pastor speaks frequently about judging people and the need to be obedient.  God said to go and he goes, leading his church, door to door, telling people about Jesus.  An ardent Baptist, he visits prisons and jails, and looks the Josephs of this world in the eye and tells them that, “God made you, knows all about you, and has a plan for you.”

I have another friend, another Joseph, a pastor with diseased bones.  It is not unusual nowadays for people to be in trouble, pained or to have many problems and still, have a call on their lives, as Joseph did.  In the movies, Joseph came through untouched in all he did.  Somehow, I wonder if that is a bit of an exaggeration of the mind.  I imagine a 40 year old man, anointed by the Pharaoh to be his second in command, in charge of the world as they knew it, broken, chewed and wise because he had found wisdom in the lash and anger of others.

“Where are you?”  God asked Adam and Eve this question because he wanted them to take an assessment of their lives.  I do this frequently because of my pain and difficulties.  Fortunately, there are the “Go” commands.  So, for many practical purposes, it doesn’t matter where we think we are or need to be, we simply must do the things that need be done today as well as complete the tasks laid out for us by God.

Pray for Joseph Ekow Eduah.  He is in pain and persists in the work of God.  Do what God is telling you to do and then we can rest and know that Joseph Eduah is in God’s hands.  I used to have a stack of letters from around the world.  Then it was an overwhelming number of emergency phone calls.  Today it is e-mail and instant messaging.  Each of which draws me to distant parts of the world and to the pain of life.  I watch life, born, live and die through my communications.  Parties and wakes, joy and suffering, all happening at the same time, and it is good to know that God is in control.

I can’t do much today.  The pain and lack of funds are keeping me quiet.  However, I am praying that God will provide richly for you.  I pray that your day will be happily memorable.

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