The death of the sheep

Our focus is quite simple. We want to empower people to lead their own people. A focus, not just handing food out, but helping people make food and make clothing and taking care of themselves.

Most countries are born at the teet of Western control and oppression. England and now America, forced everyone to buy from them so 90% of their national’s imports are things which should be made locally. Corporate policy is to change everyone into a producer of some small part of the corporation’s production chain at no income and great suffering while selling things to others and making them consumers.

So, today, instead of growing and using their own food and products, nations are required to make things cheap for the rich, paying with their lives and at the same time buy products they no longer have or can make at killer prices.

The notion of freedom and independence is gone. We are a world culture designed to feed the rich with our blood and lives and do so at the cost of our health and freedom.

What do we eat or wear that we have grown or created ourselves? Nothing. Perhaps we should consider changing things? What happens when the corporations cannot provide food and clothing? Should we just die waiting?

Can you provide for yourself and your family?

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