the curtain torn — teaching and encouraging the exchanged life with Jesus Christ

the curtain torn — teaching and encouraging the exchanged life with Jesus Christ.

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That you would know how many have gone before you to certain death, dismemberment and torture, never giving up their belief in the face of horrible punishment, looking down now at those that call themselves Christian yet wilt in the face of Islamic Sharia Law and death with disgust at play Christians, hiding behind the joke we call pastors in buildings meant for pleasure and not sacrifice.

How many would throw down their blessings to be persecuted and punished for the living God?  Where are the men and women of God who will say no to the Islamic Brotherhood and stop the mutilation of young girls, the terror and slavery imposed on the world because they are willing to die for their beliefs and take you to Hell in your fear of standing up for Jesus Christ.

My country sent me to Hell, Vietnam.  They told me that I needed to worship country and government, to provide a place where mom and apple pie were at peace and yet, as a Christian, I find the Marines of Christ have landed, not on the shores of the Muslim Brotherhood, but on soft pews with comfortable surroundings, promising to love, worship and obey God without denying themselves and suffering nothing for Christ.

I am ashamed of the body here in America that calls itself the church.  So many gave so much for Christ to see so little happening in God’s name for God’s cause.  Why do we not unite on the streets and homes and pray against this evil that promises to destroy Christianity.

We not only excuse ourselves from this battle but refuse to deny ourselves one comfort for those that do.  God’s judgement is on America and the world is in strife and turmoil but do you simply turn the volume up on your TV to drown out the crying of those that pay with their lives for the freedom you waste on vacations and …..

God forgive us or there is no answer.


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