The Best Way to Assist in Providing Relief in Africa – CharityWatch giving alert

The Best Way to Assist in Providing Relief in Africa – CharityWatch giving alert.

Dishonesty and theft, the church is what it said it wanted to defeat. As a missionary on the ground, working with people, it is difficult to get funds and money to the people that need it the most.  Often, the larger the organization that says they can help, the larger their budget and unfortunately, there are many that are just along for the ride.

Judas comes to mind.  He argued that money should have been gotten instead of the woman using the expensive perfume to wash Jesus’ feet.  Why was he concerned?  Perhaps because he wanted his share.

I am working, at the present time, to help folks in the central Africa regions.  I was asked to verify some requests for extraordinarily high amounts of money and have not been able to verify even one.  As a missionary, I contact missionaries and ask them what is happening in their back yards.  Lies are easy to tell and unfortunately with Facebook, the internet and e-mail, big lies are easier to dress and present than small ones.

This helps.  It gives a list of clean charities that can do something with the little money you and I have.  I want to change the world but the world is a big place.  Finding people that want to help and talking to people that have more on their minds than getting cudos or thanks is hard to do.

Recently, I talked to a donor who assured me they wanted to help.  Talking large and often about how much they gave and what they did, I found an empty bell.  It made noise and then did nothing.  Then, I found that they were insisting on getting paid an extraordinary amount of money for raising support from others.  They talked about “Not muzzling the oxen that treads the corn.”  A statement that means to feed the laborers that are helping.  However, this person was amazingly greedy.

Matthew 25:31-46, the end result of all of our efforts, done outside God’s direction may be hell, literally.  Many will cry out and say, “But God,…” and it won’t matter much.

Today is a hard day.  To do the right thing is harder than to do the wrong thing because everyone is going the other direction.  When you say, “No, I will do the right thing.” you may be trampled by those who are going the wrong direction.

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