And the world goes round and round and round

I am more than amazed. I get requests for help from around the world. This one is for grace and patience to replace a ball joint on a BMW, that one is for a little girl that had her arm hacked off with a machete and then she was raped, bleeding and dieing. This one is for a better job and an apartment this year so they can move away from mom who wants the house cleaned and that one for food for a village that is starving. And Jesus hears all the prayers, knows all the secret thoughts and knows what to do. I certainly do not.

God knows I am an idiot. I think I know … everything and I often get so tired wrestling God that I just pass out. I want the kids to have food, the lame to walk, the blind to see (I lost an eye in Mexico) and though I used to want everyone to live forever, I am now content if they pass on to Heaven peacefully. I am tired of war and fighting and pain and suffering and … and …

I pray that you are at peace, maybe sitting in a nice comfy chair with family around. There are so many hurting and dieing and suffering. I pray, and pray, and ask God to do things that He knows to do but often does not. Come quickly Jesus. I thought that meant for the whole world but now I will settle for folks to pass into Heaven quickly and peacefully.

Today at the church, there was a wake for a dear woman of God who served her whole life and at the same time a meeting for disaster relief agencies while Times Square Church sent volunteers to feed the poor through our food and clothing handout. So many in Staten Island are in trouble.

I am praying for you. Like a fast forwarded movie, pictures go through my head of people I know and people who need help. I pause mentally on one or two but there are tens of thousands that made it into my prayers in 35 years of missions and study. And God knows all about it and them and billions I have not even heard of.

I am praying for you as you read this. Think on good things, if you can. If you can’t, cry out to God, you are being heard.