Celebrating the 4th of July, what is a Christian?

It is the 4th of July. For an American, it can be very happy or very sad. To remember those that have died to allow us the freedom to ignore others can be one of the saddest things in our lives.

Lemee see, Jesus is our guide and example. He said we should follow him. He went to hell, forgiving his enemies on the way, after telling us that no one could do anything to him lest he let them. Now, when we take things in our own hands and end up with the crusades, we loose. We loose our ability to speak to the world on Jesus behalf and cause all kinds of questions about His goodness, His kindness and His teachings.

One of the saddest things I have ever seen is traffic jams on streets leading to churches where people loose their tempers. Having spent 25 to 60 minutes Getting ready, the church members then drive cars worth 10’s of thousands of dollars to listen to worship groups with millions of dollars worth of equipment, telling folk how much they love God and want to obey God. Sundays, rich Christians spend upwards of 10.00 USD per person for lunch and considering a small short look at what it costs to keep someone from starving, say 35 cents a day, something is wrong with the picture.


If we decided to act like Jesus, our lives would need to be radically changed. When and if that happens, then we are subject to be known by our actions. They hit us, we drive them over with a truck. They bomb us, we destroy villages and towns. President Bush had people arrested and illegally detained. President Obama and the current crew of “Good Guys,” just send a bomb to your house, kill you, your neighbors and maybe several hundred others.

Are you a Christian? really? Is it simply confessing Jesus is Lord and you get the keys to the Kingdom? Matthew 25:31-46 was given as a true example about what is going to happen. The Great White Throne of Judgement? Will we stand?

What is going to happen tomorrow? With clear instructions by Jesus, does it matter?

There are hungry, thirsty strangers who have no clothes and are suffering from disease, imprisoned by their thought processes who need help. Why are you looking to see when the end is coming when there is work to do?