Staten Island, New York Area

Staten Island, New York Area.

God is good.  God wants the lost to come to know Him.  Jesus died for His beliefs and lots of folks who work for Him; end up chewed up and hurt.  Easter is all about Him getting killed and coming back to minister and not going with the flow.  I am currently in a place that is very comfortable and it would be great but for the stroke.  After the stroke, my whole life was grinding to a halt.  The stroke took out feeling and control of my left hand, movement of my left leg and balance.  I kept falling down and there was nothing I could do about it.  I felt so horribly helpless and quit working for God but God wouldn’t listen.  I left New York and felt sorry for myself.  A good friend caught up with me in Richmond Virginia and told me it was important to go back to La Guardia.  Back to work.  My body is a mess but I can type and work on web sites and the truck is back into disaster work.


Ok, Aaron, the guy from China who came to help, visited a grunch of churches in Staten Island and we ended up at: The Movement Church, 370 Clawson Street Staten Island, New York, 10306 718-216-9416


They are heavily involved in disaster relief work and it is goooood to be involved.  Aaron and I went from church looking for a place to work and ended up here.  Aaron was reading through the book of Matthew, learning English and he was full of questions.  His sister-in-law is a Christian and does house church and this place hit an accord with his heart.  They minister cross culturally and Aaron got a chance to minister in Chinese.  He spoke at 4 churches got to share in Chinese as well.


So, I will hang here.  Aaron goes back to China Monday morning, April first.  He met some folks and that is good.  He came closer to the Lord and that was better.  They gave him bibles; encouragement and he joined the church as well.  They will ordain him with the church and he will talk about Jesus in China (as well as the other 50 countries he travels to).


I will be working with the church street ministry here doing evangelism and outreach.  Not actually the street, but the homeless kids ride the Staten Island Ferry (free) at night to sleep in the warmth.  They take igloo containers full of food and coffee; hot chocolate as well as info about Jesus to the homeless kids and street people.  So they were involved in the helps and evangelism ministry and when the disaster struck, they started by serving coffee and food.  They morphed into a hub, distributing food, clothing and supplies.  They now have an office here on the street by the beach and have teams of volunteers coming from around the world.  Aaron came and is working from China so they are getting help from around the whole world.


So, though the disaster is over for many, those who have been abandoned by the government, insurance companies, FIMA, family and friends, have hope from God through the Movement Church.  It is very encouraging in a troubled world.  There is oppression here from religious spirits that put God in a box and many are deceived and confused.


I am here and helping people.  What could be better?


No pain would be better!  Probably not going to happen soon.  Need to fill every day with Jesus.  Take a look at the pastor’s stuff.  Neat.


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