Staten Island, New York Area

Staten Island, New York Area.

Religion exists because there are so many people that make their living at it, so they have to find some way to justify their existence. The one group is the liberals, who accept the philosophy of humanism and try to find some relevance by saying, “Ha, Ha….we don’t know there’s a heaven; we don’t know there’s a hell. But we do know this – that you’ve got to live for 70 years! We know there’s a great deal of benefit from poetry, from high thoughts and noble aspirations. Therefore it’s important for you to come to church on Sunday, so that we can read some poetry, that we can give you some little adages and axioms and rules to live by. We can’t say anything about what’s going to happen when you die, but we’ll tell you this, if you’ll come every week and pay and help and stay with us, we’ll put springs on your wagon and your trip will be more comfortable. We can’t guarantee anything about what’s going to happen when you die, but we say that if you come along with us, we’ll make you happier while you’re alive.” It has simply nothing more than to try and put a little sugar in the bitter coffee of their journey and sweeten it up for a time.

Jesus left his home and family to go to the streets.  They tried to get him back in the harness of work and be happy and when he did go to the Church of the day, he did not sit quietly and accept the garbage, but fought and died so you would know God wants to work with you to save the lost.

You will not go to those in need so God uses hurricanes and tsunamis and disease to get your attention.  Listening?  Perhaps not.  Perhaps the only way you will deny yourself and follow Jesus to hell and help people is when you have been smashed, squished, destroyed and watched your friends and family dissected, blown up or mutilated.  When will you come to know that life is not given us so we can enjoy ourselves but so we can serve others.

When reconing comes, and it must, those in need as you practice your foolish religious holiday will ask why you did not care.  You will say “I, … My, …  Our, … We, …”  And perhaps, God will just say, go to hell.  Matthew 7:21 and…. Matthew 25:31-46.  I watched people celebrate Halloween while people died in Hurricane Sandy.  Enjoy yourself.  Deny yourself.  Your choice.