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Servant songs – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Why does God send disasters?

My church is better than your church. We can beat you at softball, football and doctrine. We have better chairs and stained glass windows and our preacher preaches better, our choir sings better and we have multimedia. So you should quit your church and join ours.

Unless, we are at war with Satan and I need your point of view and your churches abilities to join together with Jesus and become a unified force against Satan. Like, your view of the world helps me talk to people you reach with your view so we can both take the people we meet to the throne of God, instead of separate buildings.

So, when we don’t get along, God takes us on trips or introduces elements from outside our realm and idea and gets us to work together. Floods, disasters and destruction come to play. Then paraclete organizations rise up, missions, fire departments and police departments, chaplain organizations and mechanics, all which work cross culturally and interdenominationally.

Paraclete (Gr. ??????????, Lat. paracletus) means advocate or helper. In Christianity, the term most commonly refers to the Holy Spirit. So, as I watch churches go back to holy huddles where our church does our thing with our people in our area, I wonder what God will do to bring us together again. War, famine, floods? What choice does God have? My block, my city, my town, my nation and by god, (not God) I will defend my right to defend my right to be what I am and keep you out or else (what?)

Ok, last night we had a vision conference about fighting Satan and it is going to be Paraclete (Gr. ??????????, Lat. paracletus) problems which require organizations outside our lives and churches, countries and people groups as a means advocate or helper. In Christianity, the term most commonly refers to the Holy Spirit. It may mean a mission or chaplaincy or … to keep us moving.

A flat tire can bring an entire group of arguing people together to achieve a common good (or not). Now that the massive effort of Hurricane Sandy is winding down, do we huddle with our holy cows, doctrines and desires or do we reach for something higher? God on the throne and nations gathering together (now that is a thought, huh) to worship God and throw all we have (were given it by God anyway) at His feet to bring him honor and glory.

And, shouldn’t you and I honor one another and see good in each other and focus our lives, money and power on (not war) helping one another and our neighbor (Muslim, Mormon, misguided) come to know God?