Welcome to our world, the one we see

We are Christians and have been moved to help the world. I am the director, a Christian, a pastor, a missionary of 35 years, and I want to tell you about our world.  I feel a call from God to help people.  Bless you.

The world is plummeting into chaos and we need to help one another.  What would happen if we, each one,, wanted to help our neighbors and receive help when we need it as well.

and, something like this:

We are starting a Christian Computer Company which is designed to help you help others help themselves and help others.  2 Timothy 2:2  We will continue with our international web site building as well.  We are opening a company to manufacture Solar, Wind and Methane based electrical production to help people depend on the earth and environment to help everyone.

If you would like to be a part of helping folks learn to take care of themselves, to live off the net and still live in comfort, let us join you in changing the world.