Reruns. Don’t worry, trouble is headed your way too.

Don’t worry, it is coming.  Roaming gangs of thugs with loade weapons (or not).  If you are not involved in major disaster relief, then you should study this instead of which actor or actress is sleeping with whom, or watching mindless shows on the TV.

Socialist equality means poverty across the board.  Socialist medicine means inadequate medical care for everyone.  Only those who are favored can gain medical care and governments decide, not doctors, who gets medicine and when.

If you are not prepared, then you will need our help.  We are prepared and headed to New York.  We spend our life preparing for bad times because as missionaries, we know that God is not going to come over the horizon and save everyone.  He gave the world to us to rule and reign by denying ourselves and serving others.  Don’t you get it?  Jesus did not plant mega churches and wear fancy clothes.  He left his home and family and beat people out of his church for selfish motives on their part.

Every time we go to help people that God slaps down, we try to remind them that it rains, snows and floods the good and bad.  Do you really think that everyone in the disasters is bad?  Do you really think that everyone deserves punishment?  How about Jesus?  He was not killed, He denied himself and gave himself up to be tortured beyond belief and to die.

If you pray, ask God to take me home.  I am tired of being kicked, stabbed, beaten and living in misery with others who have no choice.  Still, my Jesus is Lord and if he tells me to go to Hell, I will go gladly.  I owe him and love him and obey him because I know what He did for me.  Though he slay me…

Don’t be prepared.  See if you can make it through this life without pain, trials and trouble.

Headed to New York.  Going to those in trouble and today, what are you doing?  Perhaps getting ready for Christmas?  Worshiping God by building big buildings, singing dancing and laughing in fine clothes?  Don’t worry, when things go bad, missionaries, those who love Jesus, will come around and remind you that Matthew 25:31-46 is not a parable, joke or story to be ignored.


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