reruns, don’t worry, the storm is coming your way.

Ok, this is a rerun. Get ready, Jesus is not coming back before you are going to need to be ready. The end of the world happens every minute of every day because when people die, that is the end for them. Perhaps you go to a church, like those up on the East Coast of the USA. You pray, “Rain, rain go away until Jesus comes back.” Then God visits you with the storms of life because he told you it would rain on the just as well as the unjust. How many believers spent their lives waiting for Jesus to come back and then got hit with Sandy.

Please be prepared so you can be an answer to the problems headed your way instead of crying, dying and hanging a sheet from your window so those who are prepared can help you. Why don’t you prepare so you can be an answer for God and help others rather than sitting and boo hooing yourself into depression because your God was not there when life fell on your head.

Is there one place on earth where calamity

has not struck? I don’t think so. It is coming and it will get worse. People did not talk about the millions who died in the depression because the government told people to only sing happy songs. It was unpatriotic to tell people things were bad. can help as well as many others. My goodness, what will it take for you to figure out that tribulation is what you are in when you are in tribulation. Pre-trib, mid-trib, post-trib, who cares when you are dying.

I see no pastors wandering the streets asking for help and by the time Sunday rolls around and you sit in a soft pew and pray for the poor in trouble, millions will be in pain and thousands will have died.

Shame on American Christians for waiting for Jesus to come back when the world needs us now.

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