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rajawihtalmoot77’s Channel – YouTube.

God, with infinite wisdom, caused the separation of languages so we would seek the face and presence of God.  Now, the more I study languages, I see how the demand of rulers, all the way back to the beginning of the world, facilitated science in promoting man.  We go further, faster and with much more energy, and still cannot do away with God.  The greatest scientists in the world spew their knowledge about everything on YouTube and try to take us back millions of billions of years that they assume happened.  And when they get there, something happened and they cannot tell what.  The best joke I heard was that we come from a black hole and arrived from a parallel universe.  That then begs the question, “Where did they come from,” and usually ends up with shouts of anger and rage, but no answer.  one tin soldier rides away.

Happy New Year.  I am studying Science and Islam to find that the demand for folks to use Arabic so they could all communicate was the same move the Church had with Latin and the Chines with, well, Chinese Mandarin.  The more I study, the more I find out that we don’t know.  The greatest amusement comes from reading texts that say, “Now, those boys back then were not as smart as we were.  They thought 1 and we think 2 and they were obviously wrong.”  However, I read that in the beginning of all text books and am now some where around 4,000 years worth of explanations that those in the past were wrong and we are right.  Sigh…. that means that sometime tomorrow, the new year, everything I know is going to be dumb.

So, I guess that trying to know God and His will, loving my neighbor and following Matthew 25: 31-46 is still a valid occupation.

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