Please send 15 million to the televangelist

How can they reach the poor unless they are rich?  I mean, I am getting requests for millions to keep the suits blabbering on their multi-million dollar TV programs in their billion dollar churches.

Sheesh… yea, right….

Jesus, God, The Son of God, the man with many names that changed the world (I believe he was God, incarnate in the flesh who denied himself power, authority and wealth) could have been wealthy beyond imagine.

I have seen God’s miracles so it is easy for me to deny myself, follow Jesus (do you know where he went?  Samaria?  Hell) wherever He leads.  I listened to a conference on YouTube where pastors were discussing the marketing of their churches.  It wasn’t made for the public, believe me.  If you heard them talk about deals and books, covers and decorations that festoon their churches, you would wonder where Christ was.

Lemeee see, Sleeping in the garden, no place to lay his head.  If he had been as wealthy as some insisted, the Roman records would have shown it.  He gave up heaven.  Wow.  The conference went on 2 hours.  Poorly recorded, but there it was.  Percentage to the leaders, percentage to the travel and upkeep of the leaders, their houses, cars (oh my, what cars) and, the advertisement of their ministry.  Don’t let the people record videos, My God, one said, they give away the messages on YouTube.  Here in the background is a snicker…

And Jesus, as he beheld the Sadducee and Pharisees, (read that pastors and teachers) started a diatribe that would have pealed the paint on our church buildings and, as a matter of fact, prophesied the destruction of the temple overlaid in Gold.  He said something about living in our hearts and if we closed the churches, sold the property and gave the money to the poor, they wouldn’t be hungry today, would they?  And if we sought their benefit, their welfare and their care, where would we end up?  With a level playing field where we could all prosper?  Heaven forbid.

My friends are incarcerated, tortured and robbed daily for their work and following of Jesus.  When the lame and demented tell me it is because they don’t know Jesus, I want to backslide to the days I was a US Marine, killing people because I was indoctrinated, trained and put in a place where I could shoot anyone over there, sometimes our own, or friendlies.

Then, you gotta love this, the teacher of “A better way,” has a heart attack, uses the donated money for teaching Divine Healing to pay for his stay in the Hospital and explains that if it were not for his walk in Divine healing, he would be dead.  Does anyone listen to this, really?

Paul Washer…. ah but then we could say Charles Finney or the Apostle Paul, all have a different message, a different Gospel.

Today, I am sick.  I am sick and tired of people gathering in large buildings, stroking each other and then going out to have meals in excess of 5 bucks each, as they talk about what God has done for them.  Yes, you are right, He died for you.  His followers died for you.  They endoure torture so you can build churches, siit on your assettes and talk about the poor as though they are dirt.

I have a man who has 10,000 USD and he wants to help a woman that was hit by a car and we can’t get the money there.  Why?  Why!!  Because the people who need help do not trust governments and (get this) the ministers who say they serve the Lord.  They are afraid if the church gets involved, the church will rob them.  What?  You can’t be serious.

Yep, no mo deny yer sef, get all you can while the getting is good.  I remember a tape of a minister who was caught in adultry and he cried, cuz he couldn’t keep his million dollar house and (ready!) Rolls Royce.

Ok, I keep giving God a chance to kill me for the sake of the Gospel.  It does say, for me to die is gain.  Any way, all I get is hurt.

So, pray for me.  I am headed to Jos and the bad guys (not the Muslims or the Hindus, or the Janes) are blowing up Christians (so they can make a point)  What is the point?  Probably that they can make great bombs?  Find Tony Blair on YouTube and listen to him talk about ignoring idiots who bomb so peace can happen in Northern Ireland, between (Yep, get this) Christians that were bombing each other.

They, whoever they are, are not terrorists.  The idiots are.  Hey, listen to me, I am not hiding, blow me up!!!

Ok, ok, ok, so?  So put yer spare change in a bucket and give it to someone who needs it.  Watch out, you might be biblical.  Matt 25:31-46

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