People are dieing waiting for you to do something.

I hear you. I see you sing, dance and shout about your love of God. I know your priorities.

Lets see, what is it God said? Oh yeah

Jesus said,
“IF – Anything or anyone comes first before God: order of first things
IF – You prefer your own life: idolatry = self-love
IF – You do not bear your own cross: not Calvary’s cross
IF – You do not follow Jesus: Lordship/Submission
IF – You do not count the cost: (not the assets)
IF – You do not forsake all: Set affections above
IF – You do not continue in the Word: Living the Word
IF – You do not love one another: Selfish in giving, sharing
IF – You do not bear fruit: Must abide in the vine

Luke, a doctor working with Paul penned these quotes from Jesus. Ignore them if you want.

Matthew, a tax collector penned a transcription of a speech of Jesus, in 25:31-46, choose you this day what is important, your life depends on it.

If you cannot go, send me. I will go with or without your permission, support or concern. Know this, God sent Jesus to die for me and I am not here to live happy and die in peace. This country kills babies, destroys women, plans abortion, promotes idolatry and I think is as bad as the Roman Empire. Jesus answer was to move to the streets. I think it is a good plan.