Oh God, it seems you are so lame, you need help?


We are family, I am a father.  You are my brothers, sisters, sons and daughters.  It does not matter what you believe or do not believe.  You are family.  Were you a killer, or homosexual, Apostolic or Baptist, you are my family.  I have not come to you with superior wisdom or excellence of speech, but with love, acceptance and forgiveness.  You cannot push me away, I won’t go far.  You cannot shock or dismay me and make me change my mind.  You are my family and we will work through our problems.  If you are a Republican or Democratic, if you are left wing or right wing, Navy or Marines, you are my family.

Now, lets talk about basics.  You are saved, you are happy with who you are, let us now work together to see others come to know Jesus.

We have one job.  Represent Jesus Christ to the lost.  If I offend you, I am sorry, forgive me, I will forgive you no matter what you have done because my Father forgave me first.  We will see the kingdom of God come and we will heal the sick, cast out devils and cleanse the lepers because that is what God told us to do.  We will raise families and teach people that God loves them, accepts them and forgives them.

I am a pastor, a missionary of 35 years. Outside of the American name-it-and-claim-it influence, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are enough. Here in the USA, they sell Jesus in many packages but each one has the same flavor. You need me to tell you what the Bible, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and God want you to know. Firstly, for 1,500 or so years, give or take an hour or so, people did not have the word of God, or writings. They had pastors and teachers and though many tended to go for the ornate, most lived simple lives where they dealt with sin. Then, the Word of God was given to the people. The leaders of the day knew that they were doomed. When people can read the actual words of God, then it is true that the need no teacher. As a matter of fact, those that taught about Jesus and the Holy Spirit said as much. Let your conscience be your guide and the Holy Spirit will take you where God wants you to go.

I attended a seminar of Henry W. Wright’s teachings and was amazed that Henry W. Wright was the center of the teaching / conference. Here I thought I had come to know about God. I was taught, through a team of teachers, that Satan really ran things, not God, because we gave everything to Satan and if we did not do the 8 steps, say the prayers, over and over and over again, we would not ever be free from the boss, the Devil, empowered by our own lack of…. understanding.

Are there good things in Wright’s wrongs? Sure, 99 percent of rat poison is great stuff, or, even a rat would not eat it. It is, unfortunately that 1 percent that kills, and that is that there is something besides letting Jesus talk to us through the Holy Spirit.

Look, in the tribes and nations I talk to, we are still working out getting them the scriptures in their own language. Millions and millions have been spent getting Henry W. Wright into different languages as well as the billions and trillions spent in translating books, not the Bible and excuse me if I am naive but I thought that the Bible was the most important. It is not, evidenced by printing orders and publications by God’s (slight shudder here) people. It is sad that the Bible is just not good enough and sadly that Jesus is lacking in power to heal, once and for all, and that we should return for years and years and years to get the good stuff that Jesus never mentioned.

Sorry, I am headed to Nigeria, Northern Nigeria where they kill people who say they are Christian, to take the the Bible. To tell them that Jesus is the answer and that the Holy Spirit will guide them when they ask for empowerement, not so they will be happy, healthy, wealthy and wise, but that they might be empowered to tell others about (sigh…) Jesus and the Holy Spirit and the father. Not (__________) fill in the blank. Anyone that sells Jesus Christ through their teachings, life and actions will fit.

God help the lost, lonely and poor. They might become like those that Jesus said he never knew.

By the way, if you want to help, please send Bibles and teachers and missionaries that want to give. 35 years, planting over 150 churches and I never asked them, those I ministered to, for a dime. Someone, please show me Jesus or Paul passing the plate.



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