My country tis of thee….


My country tis of thee… sickly sweet land of liberty, for those far few.  Land where my fathers died, to stop the .gov free ride.


When you come upon a dog with a broken leg, anything you try to do is anti-dog. America is sick right now. My saying this puts me on an anti-american list. I gave my country two years in the US Marines and got a medical discharge, 6 in the US Army. I paid my taxes did my thing and voted for the folks who bailed out the thieves that robbed America and still rob America. When you come upon a person with their pants down, caught in the act of illegally shitting on society, they and the dog with a broken leg will attack. The dogs are still in charge and they are still shitting on Americans. A black man, son of a slave heritage, approved a bill that says they can take you away without due process of law. The revolution was against that kind of shit and they are still dumping on us. So thanks Wikileaks for telling us what we already know. The dog’s leg is broke, it is insane and the government is still shitting on us.

If you take bull shit and dress it up really nice, perfume it and put it in the midst of some really fine people, it is still bull shit.

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