Looking at the world through the Computer

.Used to be, magazines, TV, radio and talk.  Now it is TED talks, classes from Harvard, Princeton, Yale, MIT, Berkley and, and and and……

I always wanted to know but now, I download the classes and talks and listen to the best minds in the world as the sit across from me and tell me of their wisdom.  The teachers tell me about the universe and biologists as well as geneticists, tell me about billions of years ago (no one was there), and Christians tell me what the Bible really means, (they weren’t there either).

Now, for every problem, there are a million of millions of answers and I have to take them and move them about in the puzzle I have called life.  Some fit and some, listening to the slime on a rock, kissing a frog and giving me a president that changed everything (but nothing changed for the better, anyway).

Everyone wants change but asking about utopia and what it is that they really want, leaves my head spinning.  I need to get back to those that want to eat and live.  This fantasia that people plan for themselves where they want a Star Trek room and working environment but ignore their neighbor is a bit too much to handle.

Coffee, my addictive but legal drug, helps me flash the news and from the comfort of my chair, looking at the world through the internet, I wonder what my friends are doing.  The kids with no windows or doors on their houses, playing with sticks and rocks, watching movies produced around the world and wondering if people really live like that, are waiting for me to give them clothes and food.


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