Lets stop killing.

I am headed to work in Jos. I will be teaching at the LAWNA seminary. I hope to live with a Muslim family and learn Arabic and the lifestyle of Islam. I am aware of some who have converted to Islam and am extremely interested in an exchange of information.

I have worked in many countries and if the leaders of a religious group talk of violence, they are arrested, imprisoned and removed from society. The history of the United States is replete with examples of those who intended good and were still harassed, imprisoned and removed from society because they were thought to be extremest. Dr. King is a very good example but there are many, many more.

Yet, I can log on anywhere and find Muslim extremists calling for the death of, well almost everyone and they are not arrested or charged, even in their own countries, by their own people. Ghandi was arrested, imprisoned and called a demon by the English because he would not cooperate, even though he was consistently non-violent.

My Muslim friends are afraid to speak out because there is no law in the world that can protect them from the violent Muslims. Please understand I was a killer for America, trained in the Marines and the Army, the product of much propaganda that I now dearly regret. Without a study of history and a willingness to die for, not kill for a belief, nothing will change.

I have worked with insane people who believe that their country is worth dying for. I have worked with insane people who think that their religion is worth killing innocent people for. Remember, America, if it were brought before an international tribunal would have to stand for war crimes against humanity and I would be willing to testify against those that committed the crimes.

I love people. I have learned to love people and people come in all sizes, shapes and religious beliefs. I am pleased and happy when people follow religion which produces good and extremely sad when people use their health, wealth, government or religion, to oppress others. Again, I am guilty. I am not speaking from some stand where I think I am right. I am and will forever be ashamed of what I have done as a soldier. An American Solder. I love people, even American Christians though it is certainly amusing to watch us.

What would happen if the religious leaders of America stood out firmly and solidly against war? What would happen if Fatwa after Fatwa were pronounced against terrorists from all sides. Americans pissing on Muslims? Muslims dragging dead Americans around and pissing on them? Come on.

So, where are the endless Christian protesters against the war? Where are the endless processions of Muslims protesting against terrorism. I watched as the news selectively showed scenes of agitated youth applauding and dancing on American Flags and was sitting with some dear Muslim friends as they cried at the tragedies committed in the name of their religion. Many of them fled the oppressive Muslim regimes that threatened their lives because they would not sing and dance at the result of terrorism.

I am now a bookworm and study day and night. Wounded and medically discharged from the Marines, I recovered and rehabilitated to join the US Army for another 6 years and study law.

I just can’t see it. I do not see a world wide revolt by Muslims against Terror. It is not hard for me to see the caution of standing up as an American while we abort millions of babies and indiscriminately destroy life with our illegal weapons of mass destruction.

What would it be like if all of us stood and said, “No more, no more by America, no more by …. no more by me, no more by … you?”

No, no, no.

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