Karolinska Institute ‘Divorce Gene’ Study Finds Divorce Cause

Karolinska Institute ‘Divorce Gene’ Study Finds Divorce Cause.


The folks who do genetic research, (the stuff you are paying for when I download) are checking menses and DNA stuff through samples, pap smears and the like, and finding that we are all being hit by stuff we do not know about.

You are providing me with further education in things that will change the world.

When folks are in confined habitats where they cannot run, they stay together, not divorced (yer mum), because they are given the opportunity to get over it, (the desire to run) and find themselves stable again.  There is a reason that most folks divorce at 20 years (RK?) of marriage.  Their genetic makeup begins producing hormones that require mating with variant species that are different.  You should have a genetic mapping for yourself done.  When yer cuz, Sally, writes “I am in a bad mood, grrrr, don’t get too close,” this is serious poop.  What if we knew what was coming and decided, before it hit, that we were not going to go the way of animals and howl at the moon or meow on a fence post?

Stability, meditation or foundational understanding (Bible, holy books) and a bit of preparation and a person can get through the problem.  What happens when the urge to procreate hits and you girls can’t find a mommy husband?  We are not talking about good / bad people, or animals.  We are talking about what really happens in life.  When you and Sally and Jome and Solomon’s girls, get that itch, urge and drive, will you know what to do?  What do you want to do?

Why Solomon?  He is rich compared to those that live in villages and the poor street kids I want to reach.  However, he and Elizabeth have three daughters (God help him and them) and wants to do something to change the world.  Having daughters certainly provides the opportunity.  Yer Uncle Glenn is happy now, he is outta here.  He and I discussed girls (a lot).  He got one and she gave him one and they (you, girls) are different.  They leak at the eyes and elsewhere and maybe, because they are full of compassion, ergo the leaks, they are designed to stabilize and change the world.  Perhaps there is a God and God brought all of us together.  Three daughters?  Frances, / Sylvia – Mercy, / Sonia, – Rachel, / Stella?  Maybe they will make a stability pill?  Perhaps Margaretas?

Pardon me, but i am saying that we are better than animals.  But, we are animals.  Unless, like Sally, we study them and understand itching and hugging, crying and leaking, We cannot live in societies where we interact with others of our specie without knowing what is going on and who we are.  For me, the Bible provides that stability.  For others, it is some meditation and unfortunately, we seem to want to kill those who see things differently.  We should be better than cats and dogs but we do not seem to want to be.  At least you are not an female animal that eats their male specie, are you?

I want to believe that what I am thinking is right, good and good for others but I heard a scientist that posted a teaching on YouTube saying that what she knew 6 months ago was wrong and out of date and I am wondering, will it be six months or maybe one, that she will say the same thing again?  Perhaps knowing that we don’t know, understanding that we don’t understand and being prepared for chaos and insanity, we can remain stable.  Religious people (whatever their ilk) seem to be stable untill they believe that others need to be like them or die.  I would rather die than make you believe what I believe by killing you or your family or friends.  Others just want me dead.

So, when you grrrr, please do not kill one of yer specie even though that seems like a good thing to do at the time.  War, I understand that.  Religion, I can study that.  Women?  Didn’t God have trouble right away with that one?  Hrmmmmm


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