I went to a house…

I went to a house that was built in the 1800’s here in Staten Island. Untouched by the storm, save a fallen tree, it sits protected by man, houses all around and by God, on the side of the island that has no wind. I was carried into a place where money was all around and the people were professors, business people and very comfortable and happy and I was amazed.

In Vietnam, we lived with the very poor and because we were American and had lots of money (at least our neighbors were certain we were rich) and we would take our neighbors to the rich hotels where people manufactured pockets of heaven in the midst of hell. On the storm ravaged side of the island, people are living in condemned homes without … anything and yet, by the grace of God, some are unfazed by war and poverty and pain. I am living in a dorm, a classroom building, half way between heaven and hell and trying to get those in heaven to help those in hell.

I try to imagine what it was like for Jesus to know heaven and talk to those that were well fed and comfortable about hell, both here on earth with the poor and needy and in the final resting place for many. A friend had her father die and he was not old or senseless or a vegetable but active and productive. My mother died but she had gone past remembering and was kept alive by machines and medicines. They are finished with their walk here but many, many, many will die today and are suffering in the face of ot so many who could, if they would live a simple life, help others.

If you are reading this today, perhaps you are alone without family or somewhere to go. I choose to be alone often so I can hear the cries of the lost and needy. too much comfort, rest and happy, dulls the senses and it s only a disaster or bump that will get us to take a look at those in need. I looked at the happy faces, warm and content, the house and food, the love and care for each other and was lonesome for the poor and street folks. Pastor told of a fellow who died in a war, having written a Christmas letter home and it punctuated my Christmas. Why are we given rest and peace if it is not to prepare us to change the world. Firemen died last night. Policemen were shot and the lonely, poor and needy as well as those that wanted to have a warm and comfortable Christmas, went without so others could have some peace and comfort.

I opted out of parties and celebrations so I can see and hear the cries of the needy. I am praying that you will stop, just a minute, and listen. Is there someone you can help now, right now? Maybe grab some happy and on your way to more happy, give it to someone who has nothing?

I stand between you and those that can’t read this because they have no computer or electricity or food or comfort or … maybe, if you go just a bit out of your comfort zone today, you can give Jesus to someone who needs a bit of happy. For your sake. Matthew 25:31-46



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