His story through us (history)

The work.
Tell me if you have written a synopses of the work you have done, the work that Do and you have done. Unfortunately as an elder of some sort, Do sees me as an income rather than a source of knowledge and though I would have loved to been more of an income than I have, I tend to spend what I get on the lost, rather than maintenance of relationships or family or …

I have far too many shortcomings to talk about as they would simply be longer editions of Romans 7 and I think of little value.

I worked for a bit on military awards and it is often the perception of the leader that determines what happened during intense times of conflict that gets recorded and not actually the facts in themselves.

Financially, God provided an abundance of funds for a while which turned into seeds that people grew and saw the way they wanted. One telling the same story of the same time and place saw things much differently than others. Fair enough. However, I think the scale that Christ Jesus used has allways been obedience and persistence.

I would love to read your story, that of Do’s as well. Having Ruth divorce me always shocked me when reading her side of the story because I am / was too stupid to think that there was an opinion other than my own.

Paul’s story reads differently than the Roman soldiers or Luke and they seem to often be at odds with Jesus story of what happened.

I study antiquities and there are cylendars that betray stories of times that ended up in the Bible in a much different light.

Your story? Do’s story? Aaron, Rudy, Luke, Mark? I would love to find out what happened.

The accident that I was in, or caused, or participated in, looks different from the viewpoint of the 1,000 others that were there.

The doctor who destroyed the disk in my back, brutally cutting and scraping it from my body with much violence was loving me by removing disease and the past two weeks of unending trauma and pain, are worth his viscious attack. I appreciate the force, trauma and violence he used to remove the bone and cushion, replacing it with foreign materials and an unending onslaught of drugs.

I do not ooze love, nor acceptance, nor forgiveness but must mechanically check to see if they are there. So, I ask if I love you. Did I love you or was I even conscious of your feelings or thoughts. I often find myself mindlessly going through my day oblivious of the fact that others have feelings or thoughts or opinions. I believe it is called cranial rectitus. However, God often brings to mind that others are there and do think, act and participate in my blind world.

So, again, the story of Ray, Do, others, do you have them?

Bless you. I know that if I talk to Do, she is the same little girl who knew no English but no and that I would love to give her money because she smiles very big when receiving. I love to give to her because she reminds me of a little girl who I knew who had nothing and yet gave all she had to everyone. Giving her 5.00 was sure to bless everyone around her as she would say, “Look what we just got.”