Heresy (from Greek ???????, which originally meant “choice”) is a controversial or novel change to a system of beliefs, especially a religion, that conflicts with …


My daughter,

I really want to thank you for bringing me back from Mexico and for helping me.  Of the 400 or so pastors and Christian workers our mission helped here in Sierra Vista and in the Hermosillo area, you proved to be the one who had compassion.  A woman I know here in town constantly reminds me that she loves and cares for me but there have been days without food and comfort and there is really no concern.  You cared.  Laura cared, and I am grateful.

When we traveled as missionaries, it was rare that anyone cared anything about us as guests.  When we were entering into a mega church with all who dress in their fine clothes, driving their fine cars, they always, mostly, made us feel…  dirty.  I don’t blame your mum for not liking the work. We were often told that if we bought a new car, we would get more….  Is that why they think we do this missions stuff?  To get, to be and to live more….  I look for and long for an opportunity to bless street people.  Didn’t God tell us that this was the way he would test us?

I have a goal.  I am headed for the mission field.  I want you and the others to send me to hell.  When our country was at war, people thought nothing of giving me mufti-millions of dollars’ worth of equipment and support to fight the enemy, but missions now and probably forever, are going to be the poor stepsister of the family, the Cinderella.  Unfortunately, as it is with the story, the poor castoff became the bride of the prince and ruler of her known world.  I often wonder if people ever think of the correlation.  I heard a group insist that Jesus was filthy rich and lacked nothing because He had money.  God, deliver me from the deceived (in the body of Christ) and let me talk to those who have not been poisoned.

I am really comfortable here and I am comfortable studying and doing the research. I need to further my work and calling of God.  I need to know everything I can so I can go to the ends of the earth where they do not have this stuff and help them.  The heroes and heroines I lift as examples gave up their inheritance on earth to go and live poor, even die for the sake of Christ, not build bigger buildings and host conferences for millions of people in fine clothes and living in…. mansions.

I am not asking that anyone agree with me.  If anyone doesn’t like me, then please leave me alone.  I know you believe you are doing the right thing but I do not want to go the way you are going.  If you insist on fixing my teeth, I will let you but know this, if you give me money, I will feed the poor.  I spoke with several about getting together to discuss scriptures but there is so much violent division over tongues and life in general, they would rather communicate through e-mail.  So sad when we cannot get together but have my children start a war.  Sigh…  The muddies and unmuddies are at it again.

My goals are quite simple.

                         1, to help you and others get where they want to go. (Do you know where you want to go?)

                         2, to be of service to others with my skills and abilities.

                         3, to be as inoffensive as possible in my neighbors.

I have, at my fingertips, 10 times the computing power of the entire world in 1969.  Moor’s law has proven true and with this single 8 processor laptop, I have the ability to actually help a lot of people.  I have the internet and the ability to research anything.  I have groups of people who insist on selling me things that the internet provides for free and I find that offensive.  Here, let me sell you something God wants to give you for free.  My, my, that is bordering on insanity.

I am going to where there is no doctor.      So, I am taking “where there is no doctor,” on the computer.

I am going where there is no electricity or ability to live.  So I am taking that info with me.

I am going where there is no library.          So I am trying to get hard drives full of info.

I am going to talk to people who talk differently.So I am studying languages.  I am studying technology.  I am learning how they talk (even if it is not good talk)

Funny, I attended a seminar where people carry around notebooks several inches thick, and several notebooks at that.  They are very proud of their research and possessive as well, save one who shares her sources, no, there were actually two, ah…. old age, three.  The others quote facts and statistics that often do not pan out and God forgive me if I actually listen, take notes, and check.  That makes me counterproductive, demonic and in need of deliverance of the “genius” thingee.  They are intelligent and trying to be helpful, but when I do that, I am accused of having an evil spirit and, according to their documentation, should not be talked to or argued with because “…you cannot out argue the devil…. God deliver me from the amateurs!  Anyone who challenges or presents another opinion, must be of the devil.

Since my arrival, the demon chasers want to ascribe everything I do to some demonic possession, as if being born again is not really being born again, but a matter of coming to the knowledge that we will forever have to lift the covers and check under the bed at our souls, and make sure the demons have not taken up residence.  We were not actually overcome by the blood of Jesus and the gift of the Holy Spirit. For 2 years and 8 months I was abused, starved, beaten and stabbed because I chose to stay and talk about Jesus.  Sorry, cuts, breaks and lost teeth create need that is not always miraculously cured.  God doesn’t always put gold teeth in though I would pull them and sell them anyway.

I am not trying to be culturally adaptive here.  I don’t care what people think, and that causes the spiritual discerning to chase demons.  I would suppose that if I were one of “Them,” whoever they are, then, I would look like them, talk like them and be able to sit and talk about inconsequential things all day and night.  Possibly, I could spend the bulk of my time chasing demons, as most seem to do around here, for a living.  hrmmmm……  Maybe if I paid the fees to go and sit under the teaching of this little king they speak of, I could be a part of their hidden teachings and then be acceptable.  Oooooops, sorry, that was unkind.  Have they listened to their leader?  The diatribe of how great he art, and the number of books he sold does not remind me of any saying of Jesus, though Paul, said something like that, and then apologized.

Tonight, the lady came to get a video that has SEX on it.  It is about genomic structures and what happens internally with genomes.  It is presented by a panel of doctors, physicians, psychologists and people who have paid the price to talk.  They ask why humans need to reproduce and what decides whether an individual be male or female.  I think, that she thinks it is about sexual perversion and that my research, the very same research that is done by the band of merry men and women that are demon chasers, is considered heretical.  When people are not comfortable with themselves, they often look at others and try to find problems, primarily to justify their existence and not to help others.  I actually believe that this somewhat strange woman wants me to burn the entire genomic instruction set from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, because she does not understand sex, reproduction and the need to discuss it.

I am oft reminded how in one favorite book these people carry, a chapter says “doctors do not know….” and then in another portion of the same book, we are told to “read the Merick Manual and check with the doctors….”  Does that not sound a bit strange?  Unfortunately baby girl, growing up, you worked with some of the greatest surgeons and doctors North Vietnam produced (and they are internationally great) and as we talked of Jesus, I am reminded that if I hadn’t welcomed them, listened to them, helped them with web sites, they might not have heard about Jesus.  Still, that would be presumptuous.  God doesn’t need me, or anyone for that matter.  Still, He did say go, didn’t he?

When we went to the mountains in the Philippines, China, Vietnam and Thailand, talked to the naked tribal people; I would suppose that we should have insisted that they be dressed as a Western person before we talked to them.  I don’t recall shame on your part when you dressed like them and talked like them.

You know, everyone seems to want to help me (that is what they say) but it appears that what they want to do is feel better about who they are.  Imagine; if they could save me, deliver me and put me on the right track that would probably be a chapter of a book.  Do you suppose that taking the glory from God is a sin?  Help me not ever do that.  God certainly does not need me.  Like the missionaries that come to the field with their TV cameras and document their aid, all 100,000.00 US Dollars of it, while careful study shows they raised 8,000,000.00 USD, that’s 8 million dollars for the project.  Looking carefully, we find they lived in 5 star hotels and drive Rolls Royce’s, but to look makes one bitter, maybe even “POSSESSED” by some spirit that would question things. So listen to them but don’t look?

So, in conclusion; (you thought it was Sunday and I was preaching) If I am not welcome here, so be it.  Please ask them to tell me and not hint.  If I do not pick up their hints, I have a seared conscious.  If I do and don’t care, then I am careless.  If I am not considerate of them, I am at fault because they are part of a group of Christians that are “no fault” Christians.  Whatever they do is fine and the rest of the world is wrong.  It goes back to “Dominion Theology,” whereby God’s people should be the kings and rulers and that makes popes.  The one in Rome is eclipsed locally by the Wrights and wrongs of each denomination.  And, they are careful to deliver the spirit of fear.  They warn that demonic possession is so deep that it may take 10 or 60 or 100 years of conferences, meetings and study to get free…. though they do not say what for.

I am currently downloading and studying medicine, psychology, genomics and all of it from Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Berkley and Howard Hughes Medical institute, who sent me the last batch of 20 or so DVDs.  Aside from the fact that many of them are Christians, I get the feeling that if I am not listening to God TV or iBethel (interesting the way they followed the world and put that “little i” in front).  Why if become like the bad guys that they might come to know Jesus, what kind of Heresy —-(from Greek ???????, which originally meant “choice”) is a controversial or novel change to a system of beliefs, especially a religion, that conflicts with …is that something new?

Matthew 25:31-46 is very plain.  Matthew 5, 6 and 7 as well as the “woes” are extremely simple.  I taped one of the lectures at the conference I just attended and a man’s name and organization were spoken of 123 times and the Lord Jesus Christ, the Bible, only 47.  My God, how did Jesus get along without this knowledge?  With the world starving, we build 5 star accommodations so we can study the word of God while 4/5ths of the world is in poverty and starving.  And, moreover, they added, if I learn their stuff, why, I might save the world?

If you continue to have need of me, I will stay.

If the your friends have need of me I will stay.

If I am here that they might have someone to practice on, please help me move downtown.

I am prepared to walk down the road.  (They don’t know I do that do they?)

My convalescence from Mexico is over.  I am broken, beaten and hurting but I cannot say that here because instead of compassion and help, I get another book and more teaching.  When Jesus, Paul, and the martyrs were beaten and broken, do you suppose it is because they didn’t understand divine health?  My, my, my……  Jesus said a glass of water.  I think they want me to give books?  How many of the people you grew up with are in prison for the sake of Christ.  Do you even know their names?  Do you remember anything of those that gave their lives for Christ?

Are you helping our friends with money?  Am I leaching off them?  I get the distinct feeling that I am a burden to these folks.  Would you like that?  Would you like someone to come and say, lemee see that, it might be bad stuff that needs to be burned, as if I am so immature, the devil could sneak up on me, steal my salvation and turn me into .what?

They are saved.  I do not need to be here.  If they were not saved, then I would let them bite, stab, punch and abuse me, both physically and mentally.  However, they constantly ask me what I am getting from their stuff and when I say, “Bored,” they suggest that I “walk it out?”

Bless you for helping me.  Bless those who help for sacrificing for me as well.  Bless your mother for providing food and thanks for the help.  If I need to leave, I will just go.  Don’t play with me.  You will need to tell me if you want me around and not just to have a Ho Ho holiday.  I am reminded of the Prophet Amos.  He told the Christians of his time to take their parties and…..  Well, they weren’t actually Christians, they were Jews and the Parties were the celebrations of their Mosaic history, but you get the idea.

I realize you do not want the computer company.  I realize that what I do is not important.  I will stay here to bless you, if you want.  But please, help me make arrangements to go where I have value.  I actually feel like it is the mission field here. However, instead of having the poor come and beg I have amateur missionaries trying to foist their beliefs on me as if what they have is better than the Bible.

P.S.  Thank you friend, for the computer files.  I have researched them and pray that you understand that others get the same info and see things differently.  Is there room for that?  I am amused at a picture of two Christians lying on their back, looking at the clouds.  The next thing, they are at each other’s throat because one saw Jesus and the other saw the pope.  I laughed till I cried.  Then, I cried a long time.

Thank you my friend for your research, I study genomics and the body.  I end up in discussions with some of the world’s greatest folks in the mission field (I am sorry; I do not want you to take that wrong.  I am often the only one speaking English so they come to me out of boredom, not any greatness on my part.  Genius spirit, be gone).  I am so blessed that you and your husband did not jump down my spiritual throat because I wanted to check where your diagrams and info came from.  Like the Berean’s, I have a habit of checking things.

Thank you brother and the team, for the books.  I take my equipment to the field and produce things in languages I often do not read and write.  Yep the devil has fun with them but I think it is important to get Jesus in front of them, even if it is wrapped in you or Wright or Paul.

Thanks for the sacrifice of those who have provided me with a cave to hide in, a place to study, you have been very gracious in putting up with me.  I realize that the solar, wind, agricultural and scientific info that I have is questionable, offensive and strange.  You have a wonderful little camp where people come and stay.  I have changed part of your life into a study hall for Hebrew, Greek, Arabic and unfortunately science that people are afraid of.  By the way, your Facebook and are done.  Lest you give me more pictures, information and guidance, they will remain anemic and not very useful.

P.P.S.  Tell my son I put TED Talks on his iPad.  Listening to them is much more rewarding than listing to “Gangsta” music.  I have almost finished the book you wanted.  Should save you some money.  Then we can give it to the poor.

P.P.P.S.  Anyone going to give food to those that don’t have it, I like to do that, gimee a ride.  Food, water, homeless and strangers, clothes, sick, imprisoned, I think I read that somewhere.

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