Hey, welcome to my world.

I want to help you help others help themselves and learn to help others.  I just returned from the mission field.  I was tried and tested and have so much to learn.  There is so much more to working for God than an occasional singing session and listening to the thoughts someone has about God.  When I was a US Marine, we all went through the same basic training.  We all learned to turn left when someone thought that was necessary, on time, together and with professionalism and enthusiasm.

So, I am back in the USA and find my missions training working well here.  Unemployment, careless and unconcerned leadership, and a tremendous lack of care, one for another, and this is inside the body of Christ.  Out there —>>  it is even, incredibly, much worse.

There is so much to do when we choose to work for God.  Many work for God, there are many who only know God through one path but trying to love our neighbors is the most important part of all of our lives.

I am opening a computer company to repair computers on top of the international web site building we do.  I am opening a Solar and Wind powered provision company.  We are building Solar panels and wind generators as well as repairing batteries, because we can hear the approaching hoof beats of problems.  We are applying the mission lessions of many, many years, here in Arizona, growing food, digging wells, preparing ourselves for difficult times ahead.

So, welcome to my world, to our world, to a world where we seek God in all and strive to serve our neighbors.  By the way, you are our neighbor, that is why the world is round.

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