Go to hell.

Yep, that is what God is going to say to many people and sadly a great many of them are going to say they know God.  Lets see, how do we qualify to go to Hell?  It is there in the Bible and it is simple but you see, if do not read the Bible, but have it explained to you by taking this part of a verse, part b, and that part of a verse which actually means, according to my translation of Hebrew or Greek, and add it to the fact that I really want to believe that God only does what I want him to do.  Now ignore Job entirely or explain him away.  Ignore 20 years of Hell for Joseph or the simple statement that Noah was mocked (for how many hundreds of years) and you can come to some sense of the confusion.

If you cannot follow what I am writing it is stated much clearer in Matthew 5, 6, and 7, but they don’t want you to read it.  They want you to believe that if you make lots of noise and act like a funky chicken, slobbering and writhing on the floor, barking like dogs and God will be impressed and give you everything.  Take a video of this stuff to the shamans and demon worshipers and they will immediately recognize kindred spirits.  Don’t stop to realize that bad people have everything.  Hitler lacked for nothing.  Must have been blessed by God, huh?  Who got the money…  hahahahahahah bad people.  Good Godly people give the stuff away to help others.

Joseph wanted to know God. God gave Joseph hell. His brothers tried to kill him. The slavers bought and sold him. His bosses wife tried to rape him and then demanded he be imprisoned. He lived in jail. Would you have visited him? Would you have prayed for him? Show me. Show me the list of people you are visiting in prison. God gave Joseph hell so Joseph could give God to the world.

Before you cry about your problems or pain, read Matthew 25:31-46 and tell me who you are dying to help. Jesus came to earth and chose to go to hell.

Today we talk about God as though He were our friend, buddy, the one who will keep us from pain. I think there is a host of witnesses from the Bible and from missionaries, martyrs and broken people that will not agree. Take your candy coated jelly bean Jesus far from me. The Muslims are willing to die for their beliefs and Christians… sigh. C.T.Studd called them Chocolate soldiers who melt under heat.

Any soldier worth their salt is recognized by the medals on their chest.  Read how they got them.  You don’t get a purple heart for banging your head while rolling on the ground to impress others.

If you can hear this, go to hell.  If you cannot, that is too bad.  If you go to hell so others do not have to, you got the idea.  I live with chocolate solders.  My you should hear them pray and goodness, they got the funky chicken down pat.

Sigh… and here I sit on my, my, my.  Gotta go again.  Jos, Terrorists, religious people willing to die for what they believe.  Gotta go.



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