Freedom to be slaves


The fall of America? 

I am watching in awe as the President of the USA no longer honors the constitution that is the basis for our liberty.  The President of the USA no longer considers Congress or the House as necessary for his political ends. 

I am amazed that the FED and international bankers now own America.  I am puzzled and amused that the Muslim Brotherhood are the consultants on anti-terrorism in the USA and that the only religion you can now freely speak of in schools and public is Islam.  I am puzzled that God is turning our dreams into reality.  Free sex (no babies) funded by our taxes.  Freedom to eat what we are told to eat and not what we can grow.  Freedom to go where we want, when we want, as long as big brother says OK. 

We, veterans who have given our lives for the country, watch as our nation sits idly by as the Muslims take country after country, murdering Christians, imprisoning them and making them slaves and we call that democracy. 

I will die for my faith but I will not kill you if you do not like it.  Speak evil of God or Jesus or the prophets.  They are certainly big enough to defend themselves.  However, if you mention Islam, Muslims, Mohammad or the Qur’an, you will be promptly, severely and mercilessly punished, by other Americans.

I am amazed but not amused.  My children are duped, doped and ignorant of what is happening.  My friends are clueless about what is happening and why.  The tube pores hour after hour of mind numbing nonsense and the world is collapsing under the burden of the wealthy who sincerely want Christians and Muslims to use nuclear weapons to destroy each other.  The rich will make it through, they are ready.


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