The problems of the world are right there.  On Facebook, Twitter, and all the other social media.  Soon, the starving will be given phones to cry out and say, “Why can’t you hear me.”

I am amused that the use of cell phones and the internet have reached into the closed and darkened kingdoms of the world and people are beginning to look at what they have and compare it with what others had.

Sick and dying, prayers of people crying.  God where are you?

But God is at peace and so am I.  I want to help everyone and deny myself the things that make life easy to give to those who live life uneasy.  I spent years alone and hurting.  My friends knew where I was but God told them to leave me alone.  We were talking, God and I, about the answer God gave Job.  People don’t like the answer.  There was none.  Job wanted to know why and God simply ignored him and asked him about how things worked.  I am praying through my list.  New hip, new ministry, food for starving orphans.  No gas for the car, no car.  No lights, no house, cold, hot, and they are all there to see and read and my hands are short.  I cannot reach out.  This is a very complex world and easy answers are for fools who have had no pain.

The problem of pain, torture, imprisonment and a good God.  This stuff is deep.

I am praying for you.

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