Pain, persistence and prayer

Fused back. Spinal disks t8 and t9 are now fused.  The pain is subsiding.
Sonogram of the heart and neck, veins in the arms and legs are clean, no clots.
Statens are now normal.
Blood sugar is now normal.
Blood pressure is now normal.
Cat scan is clean top to bottom.
MRI sez no brain but everything else is where it should be.
6 Coronary calcium scans of the heart and I’m normal.
5 MDR Cardiovascular scans.  Ok.
The doctors and nurses want me to get back to disaster relief and the only things waiting are my teeth and a knee surgery.
I am in one of the best hospitals in New York, maybe the world and they are doing a marvelous job.
The social worker is doing a tremendous job helping me wade through the paperwork and then.  Mercy my daughter is such a great help.  God is so good.  I am praying for you, asking God to help me bless you.
Bless you sooo much.

Now, someone came and helped themselves to my wheelchair.  Really.  New York, Imagine.
And, people are dieing and suffering yet, God lets me be here in the lap of luxury praying.  My, My, My…